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Photo By: ©Kagoshima Prefectural Tourist Federation/©JNTO
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Yurigahama Beach

Yoron Island’s mysterious ‘phantom’ oasis.

Catch it while you can: Yurigahama is a picture-perfect beach actually disappears. But that’s all part of the allure of Japan’s most mysterious white-sand beach.

Perhaps better described as the ultimate tropical “sandbar,” Yurigahama Beach is off the coast of Yoron Island, a small island within Kagoshima Prefecture. Travelers will enjoy crystal-clear water and tons of relaxation time.

Known by locals as the “phantasmal” beach, it appears during the flow of the tide from spring to summer in a variety of shapes and locations. Because of that, the beach hours depend on the seasonal low tides. Travelers can reach the island via a small, guided cruise boat.

Yoron island, Kagoshima

Photo by: Reggaeman A beach within a beach.

Yurigahama is actually a beach within a beach, as it is located 1.5 KM off the coast of Okaneku Beach. This shoreline is the largest sandy oasis on Yoron Island and travelers can partake in snorkeling and swimming there. While Okaneku will stick around, keep a watchful eye out to discover Yoron Island’s exclusive beach in the middle of the ocean.

How to see the beach

The best time to visit here is from April to September. The safest way to get out to the phantom beach is to reserve a glass boat in advance. The correct meeting time will be emailed to you the day before so you can leave for the low tide, when the beach appears. To see a schedule of the tide schedule aka when the beach is going to appear, go to the official website (Japanese only). The official tourism site also has a list of boat transportation, but since this is a remote location there may not be English support.

Things To Know


The beach hours are limited, due to this beach’s location changing from day to day and season to season.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒891-9300 Kagoshima Prefecture, Oshima District, 与論町

By car

It is most convenient to use a rental car on the island, but there are also taxis.

By plane

Yoron Island is about a 40-minute flight from Okinawa Airport or a 70-minute flight from Kagoshima Airport to Yoron Airport.

Where To Stay

Hoshizunaso (Yoronjima)
  • 616-3 Higashiku, Oshima-gun Yoron-cho, Kagoshima, 891-9306 Japan
  • ¥6,200 - ¥6,800
  • 5/5 (47 reviews)
  • 2.2 km
Villa Amada
  • 2483-7 Chabana, Oshima-gun Yoron-cho, Kagoshima, 891-9301 Japan
  • ¥113,300 - ¥283,800
  • 5.3 km
Ichoki Villa (Yoronjima)
  • 195-1 Ritcho, Oshima-gun Yoron-cho, Kagoshima, 891-9302 Japan
  • ¥7,700 - ¥7,700
  • 4.1/5 (100 reviews)
  • 6.0 km

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