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Dance The Year Away

The year 2019 brought many new things to Japan, including sexy McDonald’s cups, the abdication of an emperor, and a subsequent new era in the Japanese calendar called Reiwa. All good things must come to an end, though, and we’re stoked to see what 2020 brings. Several nightclubs, theme parks, and bars in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya are throwing countdown parties, as always. Toast to new beginnings (or the same old bad habits) at the New Year’s celebrations below.

Shibuya Crossing (Tokyo)


Celebrate the first New Year’s of Reiwa at the most energetic district in Tokyo. The streets of Shibuya, especially around the scramble crossing, will be lit up with all sorts of year-end performances and fun. This event is probably the most affordable (since it’s free) and casual way to finish up 2019 in Tokyo. Be warned that it gets pretty rowdy, but that’s just business as usual in Shibuya.

  • Tue, Dec. 31, 2019
  • 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  • Free!
  • Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Womb (Tokyo)


One of the biggest countdown parties in Tokyo will be held in club Womb again this year with guest DJ Agoria, a popular techno artist in Japan. Only one hundred presale tickets are on sale for a discounted price of ¥2800. You can pay at the door, but the price will go up a bit, so you’d better snag one quick. Dance into 2020 and maybe meet someone new to take home in Tokyo’s coolest nightclub.

  • Tue, Dec. 31, 2019
  • 9 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.
  • ¥2800 in advance; At the door: Men ¥3,500 before 10:45 p.m. ¥5,000 after 10:45 p.m.; Women ¥3,000 before 10:45 p.m. and ¥4,500 after 10:45 p.m. (¥1,000 discount after midnight)
  • Womb Night Club, Shibuya
  • https://www.womb.co.jp/news/2019/11/26/1231limited100tickets/

Universal Studios Japan


Countdown to the new year with your favorite Universal Studios characters, and then enjoy rides, food and special performances on New Year’s day for a total of 26 hours! Yes, 26 hours. After the park is cleared out on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, guests with countdown tickets will be invited inside at 7 p.m. to enjoy the park until 9 p.m. the next day.

Club Circus (Osaka)


A New Year’s party for those with the soul for getting down. Funky beats will be blasting from Club Circus’ superb sound system all night long. With special guest DJs Fumiya Tanaka, Aoki Takamasa and Masafumi Onishi, this is the perfect party for underground music lovers.

Nagashima Spa Land (Kuwana)


All attractions are open until 3 a.m. the next morning at this theme park an hour south of Nagoya. As the name suggests, Nagashima Spa Land is more than your average amusement park. With a plethora of onsen (hot springs), roller coasters, and even Japan’s most famous winter illumination, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Watch the fireworks and make it a relaxing new year with a free hot spring bath until 5 a.m. Pre-sale tickets are available for a small discount, perfect for those traveling in large groups.

Shooters (Nagoya)


Celebrate the new year the right way in Nagoya. That’s with all-you-can-drink booze and finger food because nobody is trying to go into 2020 thirsty and hungry. Bring a group of friends and party your butt off until the champagne toast at midnight. Shooters is a super chill international sports bar, so you’re bound to feel right at home.

King Xmhu (Sapporo)


King Xmhu is a killer dance club in Sapporo frequented by foreigners and locals alike. This year, guest DJ Ujita Minoru and performer Daishi Dance will be rocking the stage. VIP seats are available for those willing (and able) to pay an extra price. Follow the club on social media for a ¥1,000 discount at the door.

Bar Gyu (Niseko)


Make your through snowy Hokkaido over to Bar Gyu in Niseko for unlimited cocktails, bubbly and sake! Yes, the drinks are free-flowing all night so you never have to stop the madness. Well, not until 1 a.m. when the party ends, anyway. Pre-sale tickets are available at a ¥4,800 discount so get ‘em while they last to save on the hefty entry price.

Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki)


Enjoy a classic new year celebration full of music, fun, and most importantly, fireworks! The Huis Ten Bosch countdown fireworks are some of the biggest in Japan with over 8,000 fireworks being shot up into the night sky. All areas of this huge Dutch-themed amusement park will be open until 2 a.m. so why not ride the Ferris wheel with your lover for a touch of romance?

Bijou (Fukuoka)


Billed as the Number 1 foreigner-friendly club in Kyushu, Bijou has a large international customer base and English-speaking staff. It’s a great place to mingle in friendly Fukuoka City on any occasion, but especially for New Year’s Eve. The party goes until 5 a.m. with illustrious dancers strutting their stuff across the stage all night. This year’s celebration features DJ Murakamigo, one of Japan’s most popular party DJs who has been dropping beats across the country’s club scene since 1989.