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Photo By: hanamiphotography

Top 10 Readers’ Photos in Japan: May 2019

Reiwa started thug life style — with Platinum Week.

The first week of May in Japan marks a string of holidays known as Golden Week. Children’s Day, Greenery Day, and Constitution Day give us all an excuse to relax with zero responsibilities. In 2019, however, the string of holidays was extended due to the crowning of Emperor Naruhito and a new era called Reiwa. Lining up perfectly with the weekends, Showa Day (April 29) and the new holidays, most people in Japan saw 10 consecutive days off of work.
Golden Week got upgraded like a boss and became Platinum Week. Let us pray the platinum never fades. Here’s how our readers took advantage of those extra vacation days…

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10. The first temple stamp of Reiwa.


9. Everyone’s favorite earless cat, Doraemon in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture.


8. A triumphant warrior at the Kanda Festival.


7. A river of lights in Namegawa, Saitama Prefecture.


6.  Kawaii Monster Cafe is like a child’s birthday party gone wrong.

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??Quando si sorride, tutto diventa più facile! È un periodo che sono particolarmente felice, non c’è un motivo particolare (anzi, ce ne sarebbero diversi per essere di tutt’altro umore) ma mi ritrovo spesso a sorridere da sola, a chi incontro per strada e a scambiare due parole con chi mi capita. E questo mi fa stare ancora meglio ed ho ancora più energie. Continuo a non sapere dove sarò tra un mese, e so che ho bisogno di viaggiare. Se sarà in Giappone o in Europa, speriamo di scoprirlo presto, così posso iniziare a cercare voli…sorridendo ancora di più! ??When you smile, everything is easier. Recently I’m always happy. No for a specific reason (actually I could have many reason to be worried), but I often found myself smiling to people I don’t know and talk with strangers. And this makes me even more happy and charge me. Still don’t know where I’ll be next month, but I know I need to travel somewhere. If will be in Japan or in Europe, I hope to discover soon…so I can start to have a look at flight ticket….and it will makes me smile even more! ??笑顔なら、全部よくになる! 最近とても嬉しいです。特定の理由がない(本当だ悲しいことが多くの理由がある)が、しばしば知らない人に笑うと一つ言葉する。このことはもっとうれしいになる!来月どこでいるまだ知らないが旅行に行くこと要ります!国内かユーロパでしばらく知りたい、飛行機のチケットのを探し始めたい。そうする、もっと笑顔になります! . . . #kawaiimonstercafe #kawaiimonster #smileeveryday #livepositive #cutecafe #tokyocafe #toocutetoeat #japanwaits #folkmagazine #japanlovers #doyoutravel #beautifuldestinations #warmcheaptrips #japanigram #giappone #japan #explorejapan #ilovejapan #vistjapanjp #gaijinpottravel #exploringjapan #visitjpn #travelphoto #travelholic #special_spot_legend #tripgramjp

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5. Wisteria hysteria in Fukoka Prefecture.


4. I am Momotaro, strong and… naked.

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Momotaro Jinja Shrine 桃太郎神社 ???? The legend of Momotaro, the story of a child born from a peach, is one of the oldest and most famous stories in Japan. Along the path that leads to the Momotaro Temple are the statues of the characters of the legend such as the monkey, the dog and the pheasant (protagonist companions), as well as the statues of the Onis (demons) with whom the protagonist fights in the story. This is a totally surreal place that is worth visiting. In autumn the park is dyed in red, yellow and orange colors that makes the place more magical.✨ . . . . . #kawaiiaichi #aichiprefecture #bestaichipics #bestjapanpics #getaways #discoveraround #lovefortravel #lovetravelling #travelinglady #beautifulcountry #travelinspired #wonderoftheworld #travelphotograpy #ilovetotravel #japanigram #explorejapan #japantrip #gaijinpottravel #nipponpic #japaneselandscape #love_bestjapan #japantourism #discoverjapan #thisisjapan #ig_phos #nippon #retrip_nippon #japanvacation #日本の風景 #花好きな人と繋がりたい

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3. An angelic Mount Fuji. Look at that halo!


2. Dang, that’s a lot of people at the Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa.

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. 三社祭⑧ . 仏前にて . 神仏習合の祭礼 浅草神社の神様が観音菩薩像を拾い、祀ったことに由来します。 . . Sanja Matsuri⑧ . The excitement in front of the manifestation of Avalokiteshvara in the Senso-ji temple, which is a bodhisattva who represents the compassion of all Buddhas. . . You may also see people carrying the portable shrine in front of the shrine to commemorate the festival in the past pictures of mine. Actually, this festival is the festival that is fused Shintoism with Buddhism. It traces back to the origin of the temple which the dieties of the shrine picked up a statue of Buddha nearly 1400 years ago. . This sort of a fusion can be seen throughout Japan. . . . ?Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan . .

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1.  Pure badassery.

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