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Photo By: lisainjapan

Top Readers’ Photos In Japan: May 2020

Stop and appreciate the simple things.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan was under a state of emergency until late May. Almost overnight, cities all around the country became practical ghost towns.

Since many readers weren’t doing much traveling, we decided this month to focus on the simple yet intriguing patterns of Japan’s streets—they’re easier to appreciate (and photograph) with fewer people.

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10. Black and white. Powerlines and lamposts.

9. Lines upon lines.

8.  A row of lights in Ishikawa.

7. How many squares can you count?

6. The architecture of nature in Nikko.

5. Dashed lines on a curved road.

4.   Stone lantern matrix.

3. Everything you own in a box to the left in Ginza.

2. Kobe Station wormhole.

1. Cats. That is all.

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