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Photo By: chkato

Top Readers’ Photos In Japan: April 2020

Local strolls, cherry blossoms, and masks.

Seeing that we were all advised to stay home during April due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the only breath of fresh air many of our readers could get was during outdoor exercise breaks. Whether that’s taking your pets for a walk, riding your bike through the spring breeze, or just walking around the block, it was nice to see so many of you bring your cameras along to snap a shot.

Despite it all, we want to thank everyone who participated in our #GaijinPotSakura2020 photo contest this year. Winners will be announced on May 15!

Every month, we select our favorite travel images from readers. Tag your photo on Instagram with #GaijinPotTravel for a chance to be featured on our site!

10. An afternoon stroll with the sunset and sakura in Yokohama.

9. All of us right now be like…

8. Enjoying cherry blossom season in style along Shingashi River in Kawagoe, Saitama.

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What piece of clothing/shoes/ accessories you don’t like? . . I HATE CROCS! Seriously, it maybe comfortable, but it looks so horrible ? I’m so glad my husband also thinks the same, or else it’ll be a red flag ? ? . This was taken from Shingashi River in Kawagoe, Saitama. As we were walking home, my husband told me to go down to the riverside because it’ll be nice to take some pictures. . I was worried it won’t look good because the sun was almost down and he just kept shooting and shooting, while I ran back and forth ? . Although it was tiring, I had fun running because I just liked how my dress flow ? I felt like a fairy-princess ? . THEN, when I saw the pictures, I was just awestruck of how beautiful the CHERRY BLOSSOMS ? and my cute, pink dress ? I have a fantastic #instagramhusband ? . . . . . #girlpowertravel #stayathome #GaijinPotSakura2020 #SavvySakura2020 #gaijinpottravel #visitjapan #fashionblogger #instagood #girlstravellingsolo

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7. A local spring shot in Hikone, Shiga.

6. A tunnel of green at the Bise Fukugi Tree Road in Okinawa.

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Do you like walking silently or while listening to music? . . When I was younger, I love sauntering around while listening to music— “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE” was my motto. However, when I moved to Japan, I prefer appreciating every silent moment that I have because my previous job used to be VERY NOISY ? . . This shot was taken from BISE FUKUGI TREE ROAD. When I first saw a picture of this place, I was enamored with it and immediately put it in my OKINAWA bucket list. . Others might find it boring because there’s nothing to do here except to walk around or chill at a cafe, which is not that many. Plus, you need to avoid making TOO MUCH NOISE because it’s a residential area. . I find its silence RELAXING and ROMANTIC, hence it’s one of my fave spots in OKINAWA. . . Cardigan: @grl_official . . . . . . #okinawa #matcha_jp #japan #gaijinpottravel #thewanderingtourist #wearetravelgirls #instagood #girlsborntotravel #jetsetter #ladiesgoneglobal #shewhowanders #thediscoverer #dametraveler #postcardplaces #travelinspiration #follow #traveltime #girlsdreamtravel #travellove #lovetotravel #sidewalkerdaily #lovetheworld #sheisnotlost #stayandwander #sheexplores #takemethere #youmustsee #exploreeverything #visualwanderlust #likeforlike

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5. Serving face through it all in Kyoto.

4. Sea views, all blue from Miyakejima Island.

3. Quiet Tokyo bliss.

2. Slow the spread with masks for all!

1. A sweet sakura stroll in Kanagawa.

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