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Photo By: unfilteredjapan

Top 10 Readers’ Photos: September 2018 in Japan

The Circle. The Triangle. The Rectangle. The Rhombus. The Square. The Trapezoid.

This month is brought to you by brilliant geometric shapes and patterns both man-made and made by nature. September took us from islands in Hiroshima to campsites in Gifu, but what will October bring? Every month, we select our favorite travel images from readers. Tag your photo on Instagram or Twitter with #GaijinPotTravel for a chance to be featured on our site.


1. Shiroyone Senmaida Rice Terrace in Ishikawa Prefecture. Also one of our Top 10 Japan Destinations in 2018!

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写真を載せるにあたって、ちょっぴりウェブを見たりもするのだけれど、田んぼの総数1004枚ってのにはオドロキ。実際に近くで見てみると、それぞれの田んぼに、個人や団体の名前の入った小さな標柱があって、なんだかちょっぴり憧れました。田んぼのオーナー制度もあるみたいなので、いつか! The literal translation of "senmaida" is "a thousand rice fields" – a very apt name as there are 1,004 miniature rice fields crammed into this tiny seaside abode: one that is designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. Each has a different owner, from prefectures all across Japan; their names and places of residences painted on wooden posts scattered throughout the fields. A local group takes care of them throughout the year on the owners' behalf – and all manually, too, as the paddies are much too small for the farmers to use any form of machinery. Perhaps one day Maki and I can have a stake in this amazing place… and I mean that quite literally too! 16 June 2018 #japan #leicam5 #senmaida #iro200 #filmneverdie #myjapan #japan_vacations #visitjapanjp #japan_visit #japan_daytime_view #gaijinpottravel #japanawaits #daily_photo_japan #explorejpn #filmalliance #istillshootfilm #shotonfilm #filmphotography #art_of_japan #tripgramjp_ishikawa #hokuriku #travellingonfilm #hakui #travelingcouple #naturelover #旅好き #フィルムカメラ好きな人と繋がりたい #北陸 #その旅に物語を #千枚田

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2. Did you forget about Kyoto Tower?


3. Tokyo Tower, Tokyo.


4. Mount Aso in Kumamoto.


5. Yamashita Park, Yokohama.


6. Miyajima Campsite in Gifu.


7. Miho Museum in Shiga Prefecture.


8. Umeda Sky Building in Osaka.


9. Everywhere, Japan.


10. Kosan-ji Temple on Ikuchijima island in Hiroshima.