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Top 10 Readers’ Photos: May in Japan

From static to dynamic.

This month, it wasn’t about a certain movement or the right movement, no, it was about all movement. In these dynamic pictorials of Japan, from remote rice paddies in the south of Japan to lop-sided squid at a Tokyo market, May was the time to let loose no matter how static things may seem. We hope these photos will bring a burst of movement into your day.

Every month, we’re selecting our favorite travel images from readers to help showcase and discover new ground in Japan’s vast land- and cityscapes. Tag your photo on Instagram or Twitter with #GaijinPotTravel for a chance to be featured on our site.

1) People sincerely do not realize how much of Japan is just mountains. Ibuki Mountain, Shiga Prefecture.

2) Where rice meets ocean. Higashi Ushirobata Tanada, Yamaguchi Prefecture. (Read more about the picturesque area.)

?Higashi Ushirobata Tanada

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3) The wild world behind Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki Prefecture.

4) Mystery squid in Tokyo.

5) Super sumo at Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo.

6) We can no longer deny the monkey inside us! Arashiyama’s Monkey Park, Kyoto.

7) Where is my mind? At Tokyo station square.  At twilight.

8) A view you can’t say no to. Ritsurin Garden, Kagawa Prefecture.

9) Started from the bottom (of the stone steps), now we HERE. Isaniwa Jinja, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.

10) Real recognize real at Sanja Matsuri, Tokyo.

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