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Top 10 Readers’ Photos In Japan: June 2019

Come on, blue skies.

Are you sick of rain yet? Don’t worry, Japan’s rainy season, from mid-June to early-July, is almost over. As we suffer in damp silence, waiting for the grey clouds to pass, let’s reminisce about clearer days and pray the weather gods bless us with sunny skies soon. Here are some snaps caught by our readers during June, when it wasn’t raining.

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10. The distant cousin of Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro — Cattram.

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The world’s cutest tram! ? ? Do you agree? ??

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9. A misty Itsukushima Shrine.

8. Don’t go towards the light… unless you want to be eaten by this lion at Namba Yasaka Shrine.

7. Take Chiko-chan’s advice, “Don’t sleep through life!” Catch this sassy NHK character near Tokyo Station.

6. Shibuya is the cyberpunk backdrop of our dreams.

5. Fireflies dancing in the night in Aichi.

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Firefly Viewing in Aichi ✨?‍♀️ During the summer, firefly festivals will be held all around Japan, offering dreamers a chance to catch a glimpse of this short-lived but totally magical creature. Even inside big cities, there are many festivals being held at shrines, near rivers or gardens, as long as the conditions are favorable enough for fireflies to appear. In Japan, it is believed that fireflies are actually the spirits of warriors who fell in battle. ✨✨✨ In Aichi there are a few spots where you can see the fireflies, such the surroundings of nagoya castle. Also you can find those magical creatures in Okazaki City (Torikawa Festival), in Handa City (Nankichisan Hotaru Festival) or Komaki City (Hotaru no Sato). . . . . #kawaiiaichi #aichiprefecture #bestaichipics #bestjapanpics #getaways #tripofalifetime #wanttogoback #discoveraround #travellinggram #lovefortravel #greatexperience #lovetravelling #travelinglady #beautifulcountry #愛知 #日本の風景 #japanigram #explorejapan #japantour #japantrip #pics_jp #japaneseculture #gaijinpottravel #nipponpic #japaneselandscape #love_bestjapan #nippon #retrip_nippon #japan #japan_of_insta

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4. Calligraphy meets graffiti—in Aichi again.

3. Meet your master — The Bubble Master of Yoyogi Park.

2. Watching The Seven Falls of Kawazu in Izu from a hot spring bath. What a way to live.

1. Which face is your “true” face and which is the one you actually show to the world?

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