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Top 10 Readers’ Photos in Japan: July 2019

Take me down to Furano City, where the grass is purple and the lavender's pretty.

Now that summer is finally here, we can get back to the important things — frolicking through Japan’s nature and getting lost inside Tokyo’s train station labyrinths. Sometimes knowing what to do and where to go in Japan is tough though, even for seasoned travelers.

Luckily, our readers came through last month with some expert advice. Here are some insider do’s and don’ts for navigating Japan like a boss.  Whatever you do, don’t go looking for sex in Harajuku. Trust us on this one.

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10. Do: roll up to the pool like a boss because you’re 100% that ballerina.

9.  Do: take a cat nap with a friendly alien at Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma Prefecture.

8. Don’t: follow this guy if you get lost in Shibuya. He’ll teleport you to the shadow realm.

7. Do: head on down to Furano City, where the grass is purple, and the lavender’s pretty.

6. Do: swallow your fears and cross the Iya Suspension Bridge in Tokushima Prefecture.

5.  Don’t: make the tengu masks in Nikko angry or you’ll never make it out of Tochigi Prefecture alive.

4. Do: catch the handheld fireworks in Aichi during the Toyohashi Gion Festival. Don’t: get set on fire.

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Tezutsu Hanabi (Hand-held Fireworks) in Toyohashi. Probably the most exciting and eye-catching fireworks of all around Japan. ???? These spectacular fireworks have a tradition of more than 450 years. These fireworks originated in Toyohashi, where tezutsu hanabi were first invented. They are held in different festivals from spring to fall. One of the most popular festivals is the Toyohashi’s annual Gion Festival, held in mid-July. ⠀⠀ A Tezutsu Hanabi cylindrical cartridge is made of a hollowed out bamboo tube, which is wrapped in rope woven from rice straw. The tube is hand held when lit, and it can blast flames and sparks up to 10 meters high into the air. . . . . #kawaiiaichi #aichiprefecture #bestaichipics #bestjapanpics #getaways #tripofalifetime #wanttogoback #discoveraround #travellinggram #lovefortravel #greatexperience #lovetravelling #travelinglady #beautifulcountry #愛知 #日本の風景 #japanigram #explorejapan #japantour #japantrip #pics_jp #japaneseculture #gaijinpottravel #nipponpic #japaneselandscape #love_bestjapan #nippon #retrip_nippon #japan #japan_of_insta

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3. Do: get lost in a kaleidoscope of towering colors at the Hakone open-air museum.

2.  Do: follow this guy’s example to find your friends when they get swept up in the Senso-ji Temple crowds in Asakusa?

1. Don’t: go searching for sexy time in Harajuku, cause you ain’t gonna get it — despite all the wild furry stories you’ve heard. ? 

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