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Photo By: Shiny1628

Top 10 Readers’ Photos In Japan: January 2020

Welcome to 2020

It seems like it was only yesterday that it was announced Japan would host the 2020 Olympics. As the entire country prepares for an even bigger influx of tourists to arrive, we at GaijinPot Travel want to show you a good mix of iconic and local recommendations to check out when you visit.

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10. Take a walk on the mild side. Go out and explore local neighborhoods like Sangenjaya in Tokyo. You’ll never know what you might find.

9. Be sure to drop by as many temples as you can in Nagoya!

8. Go to Nanzo-in Temple in Fukuoka for some peace and quiet.

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Little corners from the Nanzo-in Temple in Fukuoka. We went to see the giant reclining buddha (that I already previously shared), so I thought I’d show you some other snapshots of the rest of the temple. • The temple is outside the city, nestled in the mountains and although we went in June we got blessed with some unusual cool weather – pair it with the sound of the stream flowing through the temple and it was just magic ✨✨ • All of this to say I‘m done blogging our last trip to Japan ? and you can find all 13 posts ? on the blog! I have a few Oki posts left to share and then I can finally start sharing our US adventures! Looking forward to editing the pictures from my spring in DC ?. Hoping to publish a blogpost once a week until I’m caught up!! Let’s see how I do ?

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7. Take the trip out to Kanazawa Castle. You won’t regret it.

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城の橋 Castle bridge

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6. Enjoy the golden hour in Kobe.

5. Of course, take in the Tokyo skyline.

4. Make sure to see Kinkakuji. It’ll be the cherry on top of your trip to Kyoto.

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金と木 Gold and trees

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3. Going to Kyoto without stopping by Kiyomizudera Temple would be blasphemous.

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2. Keep things colorful at Odaiba’s Rainbow Bridge.

1. Top it off with the iconic Tokyo Tower.

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