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Largest City

Tokyo University Art Museum

Nearly 30,000 pieces of art right by Ueno Park.

Tokyo University Art Museum, located near Ueno Park, has been collecting and displaying some of Japan’s most prized artistic and historical treasures for more than 130 years. The university currently holds around 29,000 individual items, including 22 National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties.

Ueno Park

You can see some of the more unique items during the Geidai Collection exhibition, which takes place once or twice per year at the museum. The dates for the next installment of the exhibition change yearly so be sure to check the Museum’s official website for regular updates (listed below).

The museum originally opened in 1887, with its current premises opening in 1999, and in addition to artistic treasures, the museum also holds a great interest for music lovers. It is home to one of Japan’s largest music-related exhibits, since being merged with Tokyo Music School in 1970.

Photo by: jasonhwaite A 2018 exhibit dealing with the trials of wartime by artist Foujita.

Student works

Besides its impressive music and art collections, perhaps the most important aspect of the museum is that it displays a large number of student works. Both past and present attendees of the Tokyo University of the Arts have some of their finest works showcased in the museum, and regular special exhibitions focus on specific artists who have attended the university down the years. Such as prominent painters like Gyokudo Kawai and architects such as Shin Egashira.

It is home to one of Japan’s largest music-related exhibits.

Film buffs will also be interested to know that renowned Japanese actor/director “Beat” Takeshi Kitano was also a former student of the school.

Oil paintings and self-portraits featured prominently among the works of some of the school’s more famous past graduates. However, the museum’s back catalog of works is as diverse as its student base. In addition to portraits and other paintings, visitors can view sculptures, calligraphy, sketches and a host of other artistic genres.

Photo by: Maculosae tegmine lyncis The Amida with Eight Great Bodhisattvas, as seen at the Tokyo University Art Museum.


The museum is located next to the expansive Ueno Park, so other museums such as Tokyo National Museum and Shitamachi Museum, as well as the beautiful Shinobazuno Pond are a few features you can enjoy after or before your trip to Tokyo University Art Museum.

Tokyo University Art Museum displays one of the greatest and most fascinating art collections in Japan, which makes it a perfect destination for history buffs and art lovers.


Ueno Park

More than your average city park.


Things To Know

Hours and fees

The Tokyo University Art Museum is generally open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday, however, opening times vary depending on the exhibition. For more details, check the website listed. The museum will close for extended periods when there is no current exhibition. You can also call the following number: 050-5525-2200 for info.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒110-0007 Tōkyō-to, Taitō-ku, Uenokōen, 12, 東京藝術大学大学美術館本館

By train

You can reach Ueno station is by the Ginza and Hibiya subway lines, in addition to the JR and Keisei lines.

From Narita Airport, you can reach Ueno in about 90 minutes by the Keisei line.

By car

There is no parking at the university, so we recommend you use public transport or a taxi instead.

By foot

The museum is located in Ueno Park which can easily be accessed from Ueno Station with a walk of approximately 10 minutes.

Where To Stay

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Hotel Graphy Nezu
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