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Tokyo Sea Life Park

Must-see: A 2,200-ton bluefin tuna tank.

With more than 1,200 species of sea creatures, Tokyo Sea Life Park takes you on a global aquatic adventure.

Located in the center of  Edogawa’s Kasai Rinkai Park, the aquarium has 12 areas that feature sea life from the waters of Tokyo Bay to coral reef tropical waters to the icy waves of the Antarctic.

Before you enter the aquarium area, you will take in the sights of the park and the surrounding Tokyo area. Making your way to the aquarium’s spectacular glass dome, take a moment to commemorate your visit with a photo against a waterfall backdrop and compare your height with a very realistic tuna displayed to scale at the ticket booth.

tokyo sea life park

Photo by: Blueskyfantasie The iconic dome at the park.

Once you spot the the aquarium’s dome, you’ll have a great view of Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Disney Resort, and don’t forget to see if you can find Mt. Fuji in the distance before descending down the escalator into darkness. It will take a moment before your eyes adjust, but when they do, you will be greeted with a beautiful display of colorful fish.

Photo by: James Justin Giant tuna tank.

The aquarium’s pride and glory is its 2,200-ton cylindrical bluefin tuna tank. It’s the first of its kind in the world that allows tuna to replicate their natural swimming patterns. But the aquarium isn’t just about fish. Its penguin exhibition is one of the largest in Japan, and there is even a hands-on exhibition where you can get up close and personal with sea urchins, crabs, stingrays, and sharks, too.

The facility offers a good amount of language support for tourists, as well. While most signs and explanations can be read in English, you can also grab a pamphlet with info in Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, French and Thai. On site is also a gift shop and restaurant.


Edogawa Goldfish Festival

Where that goldfish festival game came from?


Things To Know


Admission is ¥700. Entrance is free to all on May 4 (Greenery Day), October 1 (Tokyo Citizens’ Day) and October 10 (The aquarium’s Anniversary Day).


Open 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets sold until 4 p.m. The aquarium is closed on Wednesdays.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒134-0086 Tōkyō-to, Edogawa-ku, Rinkaichō, 6 Chome−2−3, 東京都葛西臨海水族園

By train

Kasai Rinkai Koen station on the JR Keiyō Line Is the closest station. From there, it’s a 10 minute walk to the aquarium’s entrance and ticket counter. From the ticket counter, head up the flight of stairs, follow the path, and descend down the escalator.


By bus

If you’re already in the Edogawa area, the Keisei Shuttle Seven bus offers direct express service to Kasai Rinkai Park from Kasai and Ichinoe stations.

Where To Stay

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