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Photo By: Lucio Maurizi
Largest City

Tokyo Game Show

Let the games begin every September.

  • The Tokyo Game Show 2020 has been rescheduled for September 24-27 as an online event
The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is the epitome of “epic” for gamers! Video games, e-sports tournaments, cosplay, unique merchandise, new techs and products, all wrapped in an amazing setup of lights, huge monitors, lively commentators, and much more at this yearly event!

Photo by: Lucio Maurizi
CoD BO4 for PS4 gaming area.

TGS is one of the largest gaming shows in the world, attracting over a quarter million people every year. Starting in 1996, it’s a four-day event held each September. The first two days are dedicated to industry and press only whereas the last two days are open to the general public. TGS takes place in Makuhari Messe, one of the largest convention centers in Japan. (just a bit outside Tokyo in the neighboring Chiba Prefecture).

Photo by: Lucio Maurizi Cool Master booth with cool new gaming tech and equipment.

TGS obviously caters mostly to those of us with a passion for gaming, but you don’t need to be a hard-core gamer to enjoy the event. Even though this event is mostly known for launching the newest games, TGS also includes one of the biggest cosplay conventions. Besides cosplay, you will find diverse merchandise, such as chairs perfect for those who spent hours working at a desk, clothing and interesting souvenirs.

Photo by: Lucio Maurizi People played the Rockman 11 (Megaman) before it even hits the shelves at the 2018 event.

Highlights of TGS

During the packed event, there are sections dedicated to exhibitions, merchandise, game devices and peripherals, smartphones, college and university information, children-specific games, cosplay, and more. Every year you can follow major tournaments of your favorite games (in the 2018 TGS, huge tournaments of Fortnite, Tekken 7, and Street Fighter 5 (just to name a few) took place.

Virtually every major and indie publisher in the world attends the event to introduce their upcoming titles (and you can actually play them!).

In 2018 you could actually step into a replica of Racoon City from the franchise Resident Evil (Biohazard) created as a promotion of the upcoming RE:2. You could meet your favorite Twitch live streamers, and talk to developers and producers, How about playing the acclaimed Devil May Cry 5, or CoD: BO4 months before their official release? You can at TGS.

Know before you go

Long lines

During the general public days of TGS the lines to get in (and to try the new games and equipment) can be extremely long. Most people attend starting from late morning/early afternoon. We recommend you get there 1-2 hours before the gates open (especially if you’re interested in trying your hand at some new titles). If you start at lunchtime, you’ll be sharing the space with tens of thousands of visitors.

Photo by: Lucio Maurizi Norman Reedus’ life-sized figurine introduced Death Stranding, one of the most sought after upcoming games in which the actor will star as the main character at TGS 2018.


The advanced ticket for one day access costs ¥1,000. If you want to buy the ticket at the door, you will need to pay ¥1,200. TGS supporter club ticket costs ¥3,000 (available only online and in a limited quantity – it includes priority entry to the event, a shirt, and a pin badge). Children (elementary school or younger) don’t need to buy a ticket. For differently abled and senior attendees there are ¥100 tickets.

Purchasing the advanced tickets will save you time since you don’t need to line up to purchase entrance ticket.

Things To Know


The next TGS will take place between mid September and the end of September. Make sure you check the dates beforehand if you’re interested in attending. The event starts from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

How To Get There


Messe Mall, 2 Chome-5 Nakase, Mihama Ward, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture 261-0023, Japan

By train

From Shinjuku station, take the Chuo-Sobu line to Makuhari station (from there you’ll find signs and staff that will direct you to the place of the event). The commute will be approximately 1 hour and you’ll have to walk 5-6 minutes to get to the center.

From Tokyo station, take the Keihin-tohoku line to Akihabara station (5 minutes), then transfer to the Chuo-Sobu line to Makuhari station (35-40 minutes).

From Shibuya station, take the Yamanote line to Shinjuku station (7 minutes), then follow the above directions to reach Makuhari Station.

Where To Stay

Hotel New Otani Makuhari
  • 2-120-3 Hibino, Chiba-shi Mihama-ku, Chiba, 261-0021 Japan
  • ¥22,410 - ¥174,960
  • 4.36/5 (3,462 reviews)
  • 0.4 km
Hotel Francs
  • 2-10-2 Hibino, Chiba-shi Mihama-ku, Chiba, 261-0021 Japan
  • ¥6,935 - ¥30,210
  • 4.17/5 (3,683 reviews)
  • 0.4 km
Hotel Shuranza Makuhari Bay
  • 2-7-4 Hibino, Chiba-shi Mihama-ku, Chiba, 261-0021 Japan
  • ¥6,300 - ¥23,400
  • 4.25/5 (230 reviews)
  • 0.5 km
APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari
  • 2-3 Hibino, Chiba-shi Mihama-ku, Chiba, 261-0021 Japan
  • ¥6,600 - ¥86,700
  • 4.01/5 (14,583 reviews)
  • 0.6 km
Hotel Springs Makuhari
  • 1-11 Hibino, Chiba-shi Mihama-ku, Chiba, 261-0021 Japan
  • ¥6,700 - ¥56,000
  • 4.22/5 (3,518 reviews)
  • 0.6 km

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