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Photo By: PIXTA/ muroro
Largest City

Teradomari Street Market

For fresh catches from the Sea of Japan, head to Niigata’s Teradomari Street Market!

By Elizabeth Sok

While Tokyo’s Tsukiji Outer Market often steals the spotlight when it comes to fish markets, there’s plenty more to see outside the capital. Head to Niigata Prefecture’s second largest city, Nagaoka, and visit Teradomari Street Market for delicious catches from the Sea of Japan.

Niigata Prefecture is Japan’s fifth largest prefecture by area and sits along the country’s northern coast. With the Sea of Japan as its access to the water, the Niigata area has a long maritime history. Because of its location along this vital body of water, the region was key in trade relations with Russia and China. Also, when Japan opened up to the wider world in the mid-1800s, Niigata’s port became the first along the Sea of Japan to trade with foreign powers.

Teradomari Street Market

Teradomari Street Market

Photo by: PIXTA/ muroro The site is affectionately known as sakana no ameyoko (fish ameyoko).

Teradomari Street Market is located in Nagaoka City. The site is affectionately known as sakana no ameyoko (fish ameyoko), a reference to Ueno, Tokyo’s popular bustling outdoor market. Here, you’ll find about a dozen shops run by local fishers and distributors. Although you can browse seafood from across the country and processed fish in these shops, the real attraction is the fresh catches. Most fish have been caught from the nearby Teradomari Port or Izumozaki Port lying slightly south. While the prices tend to be low, the quality of the seafood is quite high. You can pick up some fresh fish for lunch or dinner, or grab some prepared foods to go. Some of the establishments also have a second floor reserved for enjoying a meal. Why not taste the seafood before buying it downstairs?

Local Specialties

Photo by: WikiCommons/ Hideki MACHIDA Try some hamayaki at the market.

It would be hard to walk through Teradomari Street Market and not sample some of the local dishes. From November to March, snow crabs are caught off the coast of Sado Island which sits off Niigata’s coast. Their sweet and meaty flesh is not to be missed if the season is right but can be pricey. The more affordable, but still tasty, option is red snow crab which is available for much of the year. During your trip to the market, pick up some hamayaki (skewered seafood) for a quick snack. These skewered catches can come in several varieties, including squid, mackerel and other seasonal fish. They are usually grilled whole over white charcoal which melts away excess fat, leaving behind the juiciest insides covered by a crispy layer of skin.

Things To Know

Hours and fees

The market is open from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and admission is free.

How To Get There


By bus

From Nagaoka station on the JR Shinetsu Line, take a 60-minute Echigo Kotsu bus to the market. 

By car

Take the Hokuriku Expressway and get off at the Nagaoka Kita IC. Follow the signs for another 30 minutes.

Where To Stay

Yahiko Onsen Shiki no Yado Minoya
  • 2927-1 Yahiko, Nishikambara-gun Yahiko-mura, Niigata, 959-0323 Japan
  • ¥8,800 - ¥28,600
  • 4.27/5 (1,064 reviews)
  • 7.9 km

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