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Slurp some soba in central Tokyo.

Formerly just another part of Tokyo Bay, Tamachi didn’t actually exist until about the 1900s when the area was eventually filled in. The station was built a few years later and now rests between the major commuter hubs of Shinagawa and Hamamatsucho.

Tamachi is part of Minato, one of central Tokyo’s main business wards, but it is a quiet, reserved area. If you’re studying abroad or looking to check out some campuses, it is the closest JR station to several universities, including the Tokyo Institute of Technology. But, there’s more to do in this charming part of Tokyo than hit the books.

Soba and sightseeing


Photo by: Opponent Try the traditional cuisine of soba in Tamachi.

Tamachi is a modest station with just two exits. The west side is the business area, while the east side leads to calmer spots. Exiting on the west, you’ll find several izakaya, cafes and soba shops.


View of Rainbow Bridge and Minato, from Odaiba in Tokyo
It’s a good spot to try some soba noodle dishes, which are a healthy and cheap traditional cuisine. We suggest picking a place where you can order by way of ticket machine for a yummy — but reasonable (¥500 to ¥700) — meal. However, beware that the shop might only have Japanese menus, but don’t worry too much because most workers will try to accommodate (polite) travelers as much as possible.

Also in the area are the popular Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens and Tokyo Tower.

On the east side of the station, you’ll discover more restaurants and, further out, scenic residential areas.

Two highlights include the newly built Minato-ku Sports Center as well as Honshiba Park, which is a cute example of green space squeezed into a cityscape. As the area was once a canal, this distinctly designed park features a nautical-themed fountain and playground equipment.


View of Rainbow Bridge and Minato, from Odaiba in Tokyo


Tokyo's international district.


How To Get There


Japan, Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Shiba, 5丁目 JR 田町駅

By train

Tamachi station is easily accessible by the JR Yamanote, Keihin-Tohoku and Toei Mita subway lines (via Mita station).

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