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Small Worlds Miniature Museum

Small Worlds Miniature Museum

Small Worlds blends the magic of miniatures, captivating lighting and enchanting music to evoke a sense of nostalgia and discovery.

Art Aquarium Ginza

Art Aquarium Ginza

With 5,000 goldfish across a hundred different varieties, Art Aquarium Museum Ginza will not disappoint as a unique art experience in the middle of Tokyo.

National Noh Theatre

Watch historic Japanese plays with subtitles in a dedicated venue



Yomiuriland is Tokyo’s largest amusement park which hosts spectacular seasonal events.


Jindai Botanical Gardens

105 acres of expertly curated floral beauty, less than an hour away from downtown Tokyo

Denenchofu Seseragi Park

Denenchofu Seseragi Park and Hall

Kengo Kuma revives the rural atmosphere of an urban village.


Jindai-ji Temple

Superstition, history and nature come together over a bowl of soba noodles.

Hie Jinja Shrine

A shrine with an impressive tunnel of red torii gates and home to Tokyo’s famous Sanno Festival.

Nezu Shrine in Bunkyo, Tokyo

Nezu Shrine

This shrine may look like it’s plucked straight from Kyoto, but its torii tunnel and blooming azalea sit nestled right in Tokyo.

Maidreamin cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo

Three Maid Cafes in Akihabara

Not all cafes are maid equal.

Kome to Circus Weird Restaurant in Shinjuku Japan

Kome to Circus

Try some crocodile tempura with a side of grasshoppers at this *ahem* exotic restaurant in Shinjuku.