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The heart of spirituality in Japan.

Mount Ikoma

A theme park atop a mountain all in Osaka’s backyard.

Horyu-ji Temple

Step inside ancient Japan.

Hosen-in Temple

You are never truly alone here...

Kofuku-ji Temple

Art meets history at this UNESCO Heritage Site.

Yakushi-ji & Shinyakushi-ji Temples

Medicine and Mystery.

Hozan-ji Temple

Lose yourself in the beauty of this peaceful mountainside temple.

Eikan-do (Zenrin-ji)

Autumn's fire burns slowly.

Genko-an Temple

One of Kyoto’s four ‘blood temples’ emphasizing the delicate relationship between life and death.

Gango-ji Temple

Infinite possibilities.

Myoryu-ji Temple (Ninjadera)

With a nickname like “Ninja Temple,” it’s gotta be good.