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Namba parks, Osaka

Namba Parks

Whether its brand fashions, imported goods, or those harder to find rarities, Namba Parks has something for everyone.

American Village

A slice of the States in the heart of Okinawa.


Welcome to the bohemian ‘hood where Tokyo's cool kids gather.

Orange Street

Osaka’s secret center of cool.

Osaka Expo City

It’s not a theme park, but then again, maybe it should be. We can’t think of another place where you could pack more into one day in the area.

Kobe Mosaic

Handmade goods, local sweets and snacks as well as numerous souvenir shops can be found dotted around the venue’s four floors.

Yurakucho & Ginza Antenna Shops

Tasty tripping around Japan without leaving Tokyo.


Okachimachi means no disrespect.

Honba Yuki Tsumugi History Museum

Where the history of silk comes to life.


Students, shopping and Astro Boy in what's probably the best-named stop on the Yamanote Line.


Find your lucky red underwear at this Yamanote Line stop - affectionately dubbed "Grandma's Harajuku."