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New Reoma World

New Reoma World

New Reoma Park in western Japan features over 20 attractions aimed at children and adults alike.



As one of the shrines covered by the Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage, Iwamoto-ji holds a privileged position on the historical trail.


Nanrakuen Garden

Learn about what the biggest garden in Shikoku has to offer.

Ryozenji Temple

Tokushima Prefecture’s Ryozenji Temple is the important starting point of the Shikoku Pilgrimage

Nagoro Village

Nagoro Scarecrow Village

A mysterious village with more scarecrow residents than people.

Sea salt adventure in Kochi.

Saltybe Sea Salt Making Workshop

Don’t be salty — appreciate the gifts of the sea and take a little Kochi home with you after this interactive workshop.

Tatsukushi Marine Park

Unreal rock formations make Kochi’s coast a photogenic, beachy hideaway.

Tokushima Awa odori

Awa Odori Dance Festival

Join the party at Japan’s most famous dance festival.

Iya valley and Kazurabashi vine bridge, Tokushima Prefecture

Iya Valley

Where bountiful hiking meets thrill-seeking.

Uwajima Castle


Home to one of Japan's original castles.

Niyodo Blue

Niyodo River, Nikobuchi Waterfall and Nakatsu Gorge

Witness the purest of waters, a sacred power spot and the amazing ‘Niyodo Blue.’