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Step back in time at this historic Hakodate fort turned public park.

A man reading inside a small restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo


You better lose yourself.

Tokyo Tower at sunset and twilight hours

Tokyo Tower

Often characterised as bringing a little of the romance of Paris to the busy streets of the nation’s capital, Tokyo Tower is a steel structure with a lot of heart.

Himeji Castle in Hyogo, Japan

Himeji Castle

Hyogo Prefecture is home to one of Japan’s most beautiful castles, Himeji Castle. It is such a fantastic example of ancient Japanese architecture, that it often tops lists as one of the...

Kameiwa cave

Kameiwa Cave

When the timing is just right, glimpse a heart-shaped vision created by sunlight at this magical cave.

Tokyo Game Show

Let the games begin every September.

MariCar Go-Karting

Let’s-a-go on the Japan circuit.


Cool meets commercial in Osaka.


The heart of spirituality in Japan.

Ueno Park

More than your average city park.

Kinseiken Daigahara Confectionary Shop

Although wagashi (traditional Japanese confections) can be found across the country, there are few locations as renowned as a shop called Kinseiken Daigahara. Located in the serene little town of Hokuto in...