osaka castle

Osaka Castle

An enduring symbol of the vibrant city's dramatic past.


The heart of spirituality in Japan.

Ueno Park

More than your average city park.

Kinseiken Daigahara Confectionary Shop

Although wagashi (traditional Japanese confections) can be found across the country, there are few locations as renowned as a shop called Kinseiken Daigahara. Located in the serene little town of Hokuto in...

Aoshima (Cat island)

Welcome to the kingdom of cats.


Sittin' pretty on the borders of Yamagata and Miyagi.

Kiyamachi Dori (Street)

When visiting Kiyamachi, don’t miss these often overlooked landmarks. You’ll thank us later.

Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen

Flavor, flare and fire: Kyoto's fiercest noodle dish.


Step back in time at this historic Hakodate fort turned public park.

Mount Yoshino

Discover the three faces of this mystical mountainous area and popular tourist spot for cherry blossoms.