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Yurei Bar

Take a journey to hell and have a bite at Tokyo’s quirky Yurei Bar!

Kishi Station

Welcome to this tiny station epitomizing laidback countryside charm. Stationmaster on a catnap? That’s just part of her job.

 Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park

Fascinating fossils and charming chasms.

Icicles of Ashigakubo

Chichibu’s icy winter wonderland attraction!

Handa Floats Festiva

Handa Floats Festival

Watch a rare gathering of magnificent floats in this small town also known as the Gateway to Chita Peninsula.


From sake vending machines to sake baths, immerse yourself in Niigata’s famous produce from 3 convenient locales.


A uniquely Japanese experience: Trip to beachy volcanic sand baths!

Edible Wasp Festival

Discover how locals hunt and cultivate wasps as a hobby and even eat them as a treat. Whoever raises the most wasps is the champion! Stick around to see who wins.

Kojima Jeans Street

Where Japan-made jeans were born and an ultra funky shopping experience awaits.

Okuoikojo Station

Ever been to a station that’s on a cliff? Here’s your chance.

Yokai (Monster) Street

Kyoto’s weirdest street!