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Hasedera Temple

Hasedera Temple (Nara)

Hasedera or the “Temple of Flowers” resides high on the mountainside in Nara Prefecture.

Cherry blossoms among the Yoshino mountains in Nara prefecture

Mount Yoshino

Discover the three faces of this mystical mountainous area and popular tourist spot for cherry blossoms.

Koriyama Castle in Nara, Japan.

Koriyama Castle

Romance comes alive.

Mount Wakakusa

Burn, baby burn. Mountain inferno.

Uneme Festival

Though rooted in sorrow, it's a stunning summer festival.

Kuzu Mochi

5 Famous Foods You’ll Find in Nara

History through food.

Yamanobe-no-Michi Trail

Hiking Japan’s oldest road.

Isuien and Yoshikien Gardens of Nara

Two peaceful oases in the middle of Nara.

Sagi-ike Pond

A secretive peaceful oasis in the middle of Nara.

Mount Ikoma

A theme park atop a mountain all in Osaka’s backyard.

Omiwa Shrine and Mount Miwa

A sacred Shinto shrine and a wholly holy mountain.