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Sunrise at Lake Shojiko

Lake Shojiko

A serene hideaway with its own special view of Mount Fuji and hiking access to a panoramic lookout.

Mt. Hiei

Mount Hiei

Tradition meets history and natural beauty on Kyoto’s sacred mountain.


Let these country roads take you home.

Mount Kaimon

Kyushu’s answer to Mount Fuji offers a unique trail and spectacular views on the coast of Kagoshima.


With clear skies and bright blue river streams, it's one of the best hikes in Japan.


Weeping wisteria, beautiful shrines and a brisk hike up a few mountain trails in lovely Tochigi.

Mount Haguro's pagoda.

Mount Haguro

The most visited and accessible summit of the “sacred mountains” in the area of Dewa, an ancient province.


If you're a looking to do a little of everything — from traditional festivals to spiritual mountain hikes to trying out a sake flight — get here.

Mount Wakakusa

Feel the burn...


Mount Yoneyama

A spiritual hike up Niigata’s guardian of prosperity.

Mt.Shibutsu, Oze

Mount Shibutsu

Scenic from start to finish.