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Reborn Art Festival

Reborn Art Festival

Contemporary Art exhibits celebrating the resilience of Tohoku 10 years after the tsunami.

Koganeyama Shrine

Koganeyama Shrine

Visit a shrine built to honor the first discovery of gold in Japan 1200 years ago, whose grounds comprise a whole island.


The ideal pilgrimage for visitors wishing to pay their respects to victims of the tsunami

Zao Fox Village Japan

Zao Fox Village

For fox sake.


Sittin' pretty on the borders of Yamagata and Miyagi.

Jodogahama Beach in Iwate.

Michinoku Coastal Trail

Hike alongside the Pacific Ocean and witness the beauty and scars of Tohoku.

Miyagikyo Nikka Whisky Distillery

Come for the factory tour and stay for the free whisky tasting.

Tashirojima (Cat Island)

Tashirojima (Cat Island)

For friends of felines.

Ishinomori Manga Museum

Meet the 60s, 70s and 80s Japanese superheroes!

Date Masamune in Sendai Miyagi Japan


The feel of a small town combined with the convenience of a big city is what makes Tohoku’s metropolis so appealing.

Matsushima, Japan coastal landscape from Mt. Otakamori. Miyagi Prefecture


Poetry in ocean.