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Mount Ikoma

A theme park atop a mountain all in Osaka’s backyard.

Daio Wasabi Farm

A spicy taste of rural Japan.

Nakatajima Sand Dunes

Move over Tottori — Nakatajima has baby turtles & kite battles.

Ohara Chaya, oita

Ohara Chaya Restaurant

Hidden in a bamboo grove, your Japanese basket of goodies awaits.

Wife&Husband Cafe

Take picnicking to an art form in this sweet and unique way of experiencing Kyoto.

Lake Teganuma

Perfect for a Sunday stroll.

Wakasa Temple Tottori


Mountainous and magical.

Lucky Pierrot

Only in Hakodate: Local burger chain serves up zany, cheap and tasty fast food. Try the Chinese Chicken Burger!

Yuda Onsen

An epically fox-blessed town.


A rustic Edo Era industrial town, where the thick, sweet smell of soy sauce wafts through timeworn wooden warehouses and stores, a constant reminder that this is the birthplace of soy sauce.

obuse town, nagano

Obuse Town

Never too many art galleries, or chestnuts, in this quaint town in Nagano!