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lakes in japan

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Shiretoko Five Lakes

Shiretoko Five Lakes

A journey into the heart of Hokkaido's pristine wilderness

Lake Hyoko

Lake Hyoko

For birdwatchers and nature lovers, Lake Hyoko is one of the top spots in Niigata Prefecture.

Lake Shinji

The seventh largest lake in Japan and one of the most famous natural sights of Shimane Prefecture.

Lake Saiko

See Mount Fuji, explore a bat cave, and visit a thatched-roof village that rivals Shirakawa-go.

Feeling Icy at Lake Shikotsu.

Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

It's time for an... ice wedding at this annual winter wonderland in the heart of a national park.

Kusatsu hot spring in Japan

Kusatsu Onsen

Bathe like royalty and experience the local longtime tradition of yumomi.


Sittin' pretty on the borders of Yamagata and Miyagi.

Lake Ikeda

The home of Japanese Loch Ness!

Lake Tazawa

Legends accompany Japan’s deepest lake.

Lake Teganuma

Perfect for a Sunday stroll.

Sunrise at Lake Shojiko

Lake Shojiko

A serene hideaway with its own special view of Mount Fuji and hiking access to a panoramic lookout.