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kyushu mountains

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With a camping ground, hiking trails, a farm and more, Aburayama has plenty of fun for visitors of all ages.

Ebino Plateau

Regardless of the season, visitors will have plenty to enjoy as they trek through the volcanic terrain.

Mount Yufu

Mount Yufu

Mount Yufu is an active volcano with twin peaks with accessible trails for beginners and experts alike.

Kuju Mountains

Kuju Mountains

The Kuju Mountains will entertain day trippers and experienced hikers alike.

Mount Osuzu

Mount Osuzu

Known as one of Japan’s 200 most famous mountains, Osuzu is home to many stunning waterfalls and valleys.

Ogawa Falls

Take a trek to see Kagoshima’s majestic emerald green waterfall basin

Beach and view of mount Kaimon in Kagoshima, Japan

Mount Kaimon

Kyushu’s answer to Mount Fuji offers a unique trail and spectacular views on the coast of Kagoshima.