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A spiritual seaside getaway close to Tokyo with shrines, temples and big buddha.

Enoshima Sea Candle

An iconic lighthouse that doubles as a viewing tower, the Enoshima Sea Candle keeps watch over Sagami Bay.

Odawara Castle


No need to venture far from Tokyo for epic history, stunning nature and exceptional seafood.

Mt.Fuji and Enoshima View from Inamuragasaki coast of Kamakura.


For a summer getaway from Tokyo, there's no better than Enoshima.

Lake Ashinoko

Surrounded by forest, mountains and clear blue sky, Lake Ashinoko is a picture-perfect retreat.

Kencho-ji 24,2012: Kenchoji Temple Kara-Mon is photoed from the front.Repair was completed in May, 2011. The figure at the time of reconstruction was reproduced.

Kenchoji Temple

Leader of the temple pack.