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Japan’s Great Outdoors

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Kokonoe Yume Suspension Bridge

Kokonoe Yume Suspension Bridge

Located in the western end of Oita Prefecture, Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi Bridge holds the record for Japan’s longest and tallest bridge specifically designed for pedestrians. For an unforgettable stroll with fantastic views,...

Nabegataki Falls

Nabegataki Falls

Lying close to the border of Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures and not too far from Fukuoka City, Naebegataki makes for a great day trip option.

Mount Omuro

Mount Omuro

One of the attractions of Izu Peninsula is Mount Omuro, a dormant volcano that formed about 4,000 years ago that looks like an upside-down bowl.

Yonago Beach

Yonago Beaches

Yonago, a city in western Tottori Prefecture, invites visitors to enjoy various outdoor activities. Nestled between Mount Daisen, Lake Nakaumi and the Sea of Japan, travelers in Yonago can go mountain climbing...

Achi Village

Achi Village

A dark sky and special tours have turned this quiet alpine town into Japan’s most popular stargazing spot

Jade beach

Jade Beach

A perfect summer destination where the mountain meets the sea, and the beaches are dotted with colorful pebbles.

Lake Shinji

The seventh largest lake in Japan and one of the most famous natural sights of Shimane Prefecture.

Yushien Garden

A Japanese garden with close connections to local farmers and tea ceremony culture.

Karaoto Suisen Park

Over two million daffodils bloom in this seaside park during the winter.

Hiruzen Kogen Highlands

Enjoy scenic views, outdoor adventures and gourmet delights, topped off with a relaxing soak in its famous hot springs.

Keage Incline

Keage Incline (Kyoto)

Like the rest of Kyoto, Keage incline is full of history and fascinating places to explore.