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Shirogane Blue Pond

Shirogane Blue Pond

Discover the surreal beauty of Shirogane Blue Pond in Hokkaido, a stunning summer destination with vibrant blue waters and breathtaking natural surroundings.

Kumobaike Pond

Kumobaike Pond is a must for tourists all year round.

Yonago Waterbird Sanctuary

Yonago Waterbird Sanctuary

A natural habitat for over 100 species of wild birds both resident and migratory.

Ebino Plateau

Regardless of the season, visitors will have plenty to enjoy as they trek through the volcanic terrain.

Ioki Cave

Ioki Cave

Explore Aki city’s sea cave overrun by over 40 different varieties of fern.

Lake Akan Ainu Kotan


The eastern region of Kushiro abounds in national parks, wildlife and a huge seafood market.

Izumi Crane Observation Center

Izumi Crane Observation Center

As regions northern of Japan get colder, thousands of cranes head to the area surrounding the Crane Observation Center.

Reborn Art Festival

Reborn Art Festival

Contemporary Art exhibits celebrating the resilience of Tohoku 10 years after the tsunami.

Tachikue Gorge

Tachikue Gorge (Tachikuekyo)

A hidden gem near the second biggest city in Shimane Prefecture

Oni no Shitaburui

Oni no Shitaburui Gorge

A prefectural nature park and a hidden gem for hikers and culture buffs.

Akame 48 Waterfalls in Nabari, Mie Prefecture Japan

Akame 48 Waterfalls

Find yourself on a tranquil hike or go full-on ninja in Mie Prefecture.