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gardens and parks

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Utsubuki Park

Utsubuki Park

Travel off the beaten path and experience one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots.

Bihoku Hillside Park

Bihoku Hillside Park

For the best views of seasonal flowers and winter illuminations in Hiroshima.

Miyako Botanic Garden

Miyako Botanic Garden

Immerse yourself in tropical flowers and fruit at Miyako Botanic Garden!


Nanrakuen Garden

Learn about what the biggest garden in Shikoku has to offer.

Suizenji Jojuen Garden

Suizenji Jojuen Garden

A lovely example of a Japanese strolling garden, a genre popularized in the Edo period.

Glover Garden

Glover Garden

Take a stroll through the history of east meets west in this picturesque garden with glorious views.

Hinode Park

A place that is quite a favorite for lovers and newlywed couples. Here both early and late blooming lavenders bloom, so flowers can be seen throughout the season.

Hayama Shiosai

Hayama Shiosai Park and Museum

Remnants of an Imperial Villa Garden immerse with the Isshiki Coast of Hayama.

Kyoto Gyoen

Kyoto Gyoen (Imperial Park)

Two majestic Imperial Palaces in the center of Kyoto

Nunobiki Garden

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway

Japan’s largest herb garden with seasonal flowers and mountain views


Jindai Botanical Gardens

105 acres of expertly curated floral beauty, less than an hour away from downtown Tokyo