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Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park

Spend a day away from the city and become immersed in 50 hectares of gardens.

Field of flowers stretching for miles. Taken in Biei, Japan.


So this is what they mean by frolicking.

Kyoto Botanical Gardens


Shinnyo-do Temple

An autumn hidden gem filled with year-round serenity.

Hase-dera Temple

From caves, to ocean views, to grand statues, this Kamakura temple is worth much more than just a quick look.

Higashizawa Rose Park

The beauty of 20,000 roses — best in summer and fall!

Kobe Fruit & Flower Park

So much more than peaches and pansies.

Pink lotus and bud at Gyoda in Saitama

Gyoda Ancient Lotus Park

Prehistoric flowers and record-breaking rice paddy art at this park in rural Saitama.

Meigetsuin Temple

A not-so-secret garden.

Tokyo,Japan-September 27,2015: a married couple attend Traditional Wedding ceremony at Meiji-Jingu

Meiji Jingu

Escape the chaos of Harajuku and hop over the road to Meiji Jingu.

Nokonoshima Island Park in Fukuoka

Nokonoshima Island Park

Fukuoka's floating urban oasis.