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flower parks

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Tokachi Hills

From cherry blossoms to hundreds of roses, the gardens at Tokachi Hills has lots to see for floral fans.

Kaze no Garden

Kaze no Garden

Visit Kaze no Garden, the beautiful setting of a popular Japanese TV drama.

Bihoku Hillside Park

Bihoku Hillside Park

For the best views of seasonal flowers and winter illuminations in Hiroshima.

Hinode Park

A place that is quite a favorite for lovers and newlywed couples. Here both early and late blooming lavenders bloom, so flowers can be seen throughout the season.


Jindai Botanical Gardens

105 acres of expertly curated floral beauty, less than an hour away from downtown Tokyo

Unnan (Shimane)

A town known for its long cherry blossom season.

Yushien Garden

A Japanese garden with close connections to local farmers and tea ceremony culture.

Karaoto Suisen Park

Over two million daffodils bloom in this seaside park during the winter.

Echigo Hillside Park

Get lost in this huge flower haven twice the size of Tokyo's Yoyogi Park with festivals and events in every season.