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Musha Gyoretsu Warrior Parade

Musha Gyoretsu Warrior Parade

Celebrate the founding of Shimane Prefecture’s capital city by watching samurai parade through the streets against a backdrop of cherry blossoms.

Karatsu Kunchi

Karatsu Kunchi Festival

Every fall, thousands of people from all over Japan and the world make their way to Karatsu City for one of Saga Prefecture’s most historic and unique events, Karatsu Kunchi. Held each...

Saga International Balloon Festival

Saga International Balloon Festival

Witness over 100 unique hot air balloons take flight over the serene Saga countryside.

Nara Deer Antler Cutting Ceremony

Nara Deer Antler Cutting Ceremony

This ceremony held every October ensures that deer and people in Nara can reside together peacefully.


Kanegasaki Shrine

The beautiful Kanegasaki Shrine in Fukui Prefecture is popular among those hoping to find true love.

Mount Iwate Morioka city scene with buildings and promenade at Katakami river with warm sunset light


Oodles of noodles in this colorful Iwate city.

Sado Island in Niigata

Sado Island

A little nihonshu, nature and... De Niro? Plus taiko drums!

Namahage Festival in Akita, Japan.

Namahage Festival

Over in Akita Prefecture, it’s better to feed your demons with rice cakes than fight them.

Toka Ebisu Festival at Imamiya Ebisu Shrine in Osaka Japan

Imamiya Ebisu Shrine

Don’t miss out on one of Osaka’s most exciting New Year's festivals at this beloved shrine.

Kawasaki Halloween Parade

Kawasaki Halloween Parade

Don’t get the blues over drinking being banned in Shibuya, Kawasaki is where the real ghouls party.

Jozankei, Japan Town Skyline

Jozankei Onsen

The great Kappa King awaits you in Sapporo’s backyard.