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Top Beaches in Shimoda

Go beach-hopping in Shimoda this summer!

Lake Saiko

In and around this lake, you can see Mount Fuji, visit a thatched-roof village, explore three lava caves, and hike the Jukai Nature Trail.

Ice, Wind and Bat Caves of Mount Fuji

Explore the subterranean lava caves of the 'Fuji Five Lakes' area.

Amano-Yasugawara Power Spot

The secret gathering spot for gods.

Kabeyu Hot Spring

Oita’s secret mixed-gender onsen in a cave!

Wakasa Temple Tottori


Mountainous and magical.

 Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park

Fascinating fossils and charming chasms.

Kaga Onsen

And after a long day in pursuit of enlightenment, what better way to unwind than a long soak in the onsen?

Komakado Kazaana Cave

Explore Mt. Fuji’s lava tunnels not too far from Gotenba.

Ryugadou Cave

Explore the underground depths of Kochi's prehistoric past.

Hundred Caves of Yoshimi in Saitama

The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi

Glimpse into the afterlife at these mysterious graves.