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Enryaku-ji Temple

A mountainside temple with a splash of mystery and stunning autumn leaves.

Edible Wasp Festival

Discover how locals hunt and cultivate wasps as a hobby and even eat them as a treat. Whoever raises the most wasps is the champion! Stick around to see who wins.


Kanshin-ji Temple

A samurai's head was sent here and buried in a special grave. Discover honor and tradition tucked away in Osaka.

Jozankei, Japan Town Skyline

Jozankei Onsen

The great Kappa King awaits you in Sapporo’s backyard.


An elusively charming onsen town.

kodaiji temple kyoto2

Kodai-ji Temple

Built out of love. (Awwww!)

Oirase Stream

30 reasons to waterfall in love.

Naruko Onsen

With hot springs galore and autumn colors, it's Naruko Gorge-ous.


Go green at some iconic Japanese gardens right around the corner from one of the city's buzzing business areas.

Komagome Station

Your gateway to the Yamanote line’s garden paradise.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

With gorgeous plum and maple gardens, this famous shrine also has a bustling monthly market. Plus, get good luck for your studies!