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Photo By: PIXTA/Tozawa
Largest City

Spacia X

Take a luxurious adventure on the new and rapid Limited Express train to Nikko.

By Alma Reyes

Traveling by train around Japan has become an entertaining experience with the numerous designs and perks added to both the exterior and interior look of trains.

The new Limited Express Spacia X, launched in July this year, links Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, Kita-Senju and Kasukabe stations to Tobu Nikko, Tobu World Square and Kinugawa Onsen.



Photo by: PIXTA/ Pirlo21 Spacia X fuses symbolic elements of Edo and Nikko culture.

Advancing the Tobu Railway Nikko Line, Spacia X fuses symbolic elements of Edo and Nikko culture. As the train approaches the platform, one will quickly spot the X design on its exterior, connecting the hexagon-shaped windows. This “X” corresponds to the traditional “X” pattern of Kanuma (city in Tochigi) fretwork and Edo bamboo wicker craft. At the same time, it connotes a person’s travel experience marked by catchwords like excellent, extra or exciting.

The Kumiko traditional crisscross motif is also prevalent around the train interior—on the headrests, glass doors, and interior windows of the Compartment car. The white color of the exterior body is inspired by the noble whitewash hue of Toshogu Shrine’s Yomeimon Gate pillars.

Premium Seating


Photo by: Alma Reyes The Standard Seat cars comprise off-grey upholstery seats.

Spacia X consists of six cars categorized by seat classes and respective designs and colors. The Standard Seat cars comprise off-grey upholstery seats and hidden Kanuma lacework on the small tables  Premium Seat cars have two-row and one-row wider electric reclining seats, identified by their bright orange fabric. They also have individual reading lamps next to the headrests. Box Seat cars are semi-private compartments with light blue-grey seats facing each other.

Onboard Amenities


Photo by: Alma Reyes Travel in style.

The Cockpit Lounge and Cockpit Suite are the train’s luxury coaches. Only passengers who reserve these seats can enter the cars and use the Goen Café. For the Cockpit Lounge, the ambiance of Nikko Kanaya Hotel and ambassador villas were utilized for inspiration. Sky blue-colored individual seats and sofas take advantage of the grand natural scenery of Tochigi prefecture.

The elegant Cockpit Suite, 11 square meters, is designed as a living room, ideal for private business meetings. It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and villages. The Compartment section is also private and comfortable for groups and families. Tables can be folded up and walls are finished in Kabuki-style red and brown tones.

The overall experience in the Spacia X exudes complete relaxation, absolute comfort, and the nostalgic sentiment of Japanese traditions immersed in modernization.

Things To Know


Ticket reservations can be made online at Tobu line train stations and travel agencies. Online reservation is highly recommendable as seats can get easily filled up.

Each car category has individual fares. The basic fare (paid by IC card or regular tickets) is separate from the Limited Express ticket. Check the website carefully for details.

How To Get There


By train

Depart from Tobu Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, Kita-Senju or Kasukabe stations to Tobu Nikko.

From Asakusa station to Tobu Nikko station is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. Fare for a Standard Seat:  ¥1,940 (Limited Express fare) plus ¥1,400. (Basic fare).

Where To Stay

Dormy Inn Express Asakusa
  • 1-3-4 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0033 Japan
  • ¥15,100 - ¥62,785
  • 3.88/5 (3,698 reviews)
  • 0.1 km
Kaminarimon Ryokan
  • 1-18-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0032 Japan
  • ¥30,130 - ¥85,100
  • 4.43/5 (711 reviews)
  • 0.1 km
Asakusa Kaede
  • 1-31-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0032 Japan
  • ¥36,000 - ¥60,000
  • 0.2 km
The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by Hulic
  • 2-16-11 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0034 Japan
  • ¥15,848 - ¥47,385
  • 4.28/5 (1,292 reviews)
  • 0.2 km
APA Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon
  • 2-14-1 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0034 Japan
  • ¥11,500 - ¥15,400
  • 0.3 km

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