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Shiraito and Otodome Falls

Easily accessible waterfalls rush like “white silk” adding to the magnificent Mount Fuji area.

Its beauty praised in poetry for centuries, Shiraito Falls is an idyllic waterfall in the the lush surroundings of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It is located a short hike away from Otodome Falls, another waterfall to make the trip even better.

Together this duo is a scenic spot near Mount Fuji that can easily be visited on a trip to the Prefecture side of Japan’s most iconic mountain.

Snow Hiking on Mount Fuji

The falls bear the name shiraito, which means “white threads” in Japanese, for a good reason. When you view this 150-meter-wide cascade, it’s easy to understand how the name. Water flows down in thin, 20-meter-long white threads that resemble silk.

Among the many accolades attributed to this pair are: registration as a national monument and designation as one of the Ministry of the Environment’s “100 best waterfalls” of Japan.

Otodome Falls, is a 25-meter-high powerful rush of water that is a bit more difficult to observe and photograph due to its rustic location.


Photo by: あばさー Otodome falls is a short walk from Shiraito.

Close your eyes and listen to the roar of the falls. Legend has it that two brothers came to this spot to so that their plans of avenging their father would not be overheard.

Before you go

This pair of waterfalls is best seen in the summer when they overflow with the melted winter snow of Mount Fuji, and in the fall when the leaves of the surrounding forest change colors. After your hike, take a relaxing dip in the nearby hot spring and spa options: Asagiri Onsen Kaze-no-Yu as well as Fugaku Onsen Hana-no-Yu.

The best part about these particular waterfalls is that the hike to them, which involves a set path and some stairs, really isn’t too bad. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area or on your way to Mount Fuji.

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Snow Hiking on Mount Fuji

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to climb to the top of snow-covered Mt. Fuji and ski or snowboard down from the summit.


How To Get There


Japan, Shizuoka-ken, Fujinomiya-shi, 県道414号線

By train

Shiraito Falls is a 30 minute bus ride from JR Fujinomiya station. Otodome Falls is a 5 minute walk from Shiraito Falls.

By bus

Shiraito Falls is a 30 minute bus ride from JR Fujinomiya station.

From Tokyo, it’s about a 3.5-hour bus ride. You can catch a bus from the Shinjuku station bus terminal. Get off at the Shiraito Falls bus stop. In Japanese: 白糸の滝[静岡]

By car

About a 2-hour drive from Tokyo.

Where To Stay

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