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Ryuoo Sora Terrace Observation Deck

A heavenly view like no other.

A ropeway ride up Mount Ryuoo from Kita Shiga Kogen in Nagano Prefecture will take you to the Ryuoo Sora Terrace, a utopia-like viewpoint 1,770 meters above sea level. The ropeway has one of the largest gondolas in the world, seating up to 166 people each ride.

Ryuoo Ski Park Ropeway

The Ryuoo Ski Park Ropeway has some of the world’s biggest gondolas.

Winter at Ryuoo Ski Park

The busiest time at the Sora Terrace is during winter when people from all around Japan and beyond visit the surrounding areas for their snowy holidays.

Witness the “sea of clouds” phenomenon from Sora Terrace.

The terrace becomes the summit of Ryuoo Ski Park and the ropeway is used as a grand ski lift during this time. Lucky visitors might have the chance to see the unique phenomenon of unkai or the “sea of clouds” where waves of fluffy white clouds roll in over the ski resort below. Even if the clouds don’t roll in, the view from the top is truly magnificent, showcasing the unforgettable scenery of the Japanese Alps.

Sora Terrace in the off-season

Spring and summer are also opportune times to catch the amazing view where you suddenly feel as if you’ve risen into the heavens. Ths scene during sundown, as the sun sinks into the clouds, is something straight out of a dream.

Plus, in the summer season (July to October) a special Star Sky Night Cruise is available on weekends where you can ride the ropeway at night amongst a mesmerizing array of stars.

Ryuoo Sora Terrace Observation Deck Summer Drinks Kita Shiga Kogen

Drink in the summer view on the Sora Terrace.

During autumn, a sea of red, orange, and yellow can be seen from the high skies of the terrace. The amazing autumn array is a highly-recommended photo spot guaranteed to add color to your Instagram feed!

Sora Terrace Cafe

Inside you’ll find a relaxing cafe serving up a variety of hot and cold drinks, as well as a food menu with several international dishes. Take your pick from pho, green curry, rice omelets, dim sum, and more!

One of their special menu items is the cloud-shaped marshmallow that goes splendidly with hot chocolate, mochas, and even coffee.

Ryuoo Sora Terrace Observation Deck Cloud Coffee Kita Shiga Kogen

Try a “Cloud Coffee” on top of the clouds!

T Hotel Ryuoo

Looking for a place to stay in the area? T Hotel Ryuoo is a convenient and comfortable base for accessing the Ryuoo Sora Terrace Observation Deck and the surrounding region. Newly renovated, the hotel boasts western-style rooms and facilities, with a fantastic restaurant overlooking the mountains.

T Hotel Kita Shiga Kogen Nagano

Choose T Hotel Ryuoo for a comfortable and welcoming base in the Kita Shiga Kogen area.

The Ryuoo Sora Terrace offers a unique view each season and is perfect to visit with family, friends or a significant other. Just don’t forget your camera!

This article was sponsored by T Hotel Ryuoo. 

Things To Know

Ryuoo Ropeway

Depending on the view you want to see, it’s a good idea to check out the weather and ropeway times beforehand. You can do this by visiting the Sora Terrace’s official website. Website: http://www.ryuoo.com/soraterrace (Japanese) | Hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. | Round trip ropeway passes are Adult ¥2,500 / Child ¥1,300 / Senior ¥2,400.

How To Get There


11700-6 Yomase, Yamanochi, Shimotakai District, Nagano 381-0405, Japan

By train

Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Nagano, and then the local train to Yudanaka station. A free shuttle bus will take you directly to the bottom of the ropeway entrance. Check the Sora Terrace website for more details.

By car

About 3.5 hours from Tokyo Station.

Where To Stay

Hotel Tagawa
  • 11700-96 Yomase, Shimotakai-gun Yamanochi-machi, Nagano, 381-0405 Japan
  • ¥7,500 - ¥16,000
  • 3.33/5 (8 reviews)
  • 2.4 km
Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga
  • Yomase, Shimotakai-gun Yamanochi-machi, Nagano, 381-0405 Japan
  • ¥16,500 - ¥34,800
  • 4.86/5 (59 reviews)
  • 4.4 km
Hotel Ichinose
  • 71491 Hirao, Shimotakai-gun Yamanochi-machi, Nagano, 381-0401 Japan
  • ¥15,200 - ¥22,705
  • 5.4 km
Shibu Onsen Ichinoyu Katei
  • 2219 Hirao, Shimotakai-gun Yamanochi-machi, Nagano, 381-0401 Japan
  • ¥22,550 - ¥28,600
  • 4.59/5 (256 reviews)
  • 6.2 km
Shibu Onsen Kaneki Hotel
  • 2073 Hirao, Shimotakai-gun Yamanochi-machi, Nagano, 381-0401 Japan
  • ¥7,400 - ¥15,800
  • 3.5/5 (349 reviews)
  • 6.2 km

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