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Photo By: Peter Austin
Largest City

Pokémon Center Shibuya

Grab your pokeballs, a wild Mewtwo has appeared in Tokyo.

In stark contrast to other Pokémon Centers around Japan, the Shibuya outlet is a bit… dark. Its black walls and neon lights fall right in line with Shibuya’s reputation for underground fashion and partying.

The incubation chamber holding a captive Mewtwo at the entrance makes it feel like more of a Team Rocket base than your friendly neighborhood Pokémon Center.

Shibuya Parco shopping complex in Tokyo Japan

Photo by: Peter Austin Shhh, you don’t want to wake him.

Once you’ve successfully snuck past Mewtwo, you’re welcomed by exclusive graffiti-covered clothing and skateboard decks. This is all before entering the actual store where the rest of the (friendlier) Pokémon are.

Wait ‘til you see the Swarovski Pikachu

Pokemon Center Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan.

Photo by: Peter Austin Poke street wear and skateboards.

Of course, the latest generation and fan favorites like Eevee and Pikachu dominate the shop floor. However, every generation is well represented including the entire Caterpie line.

If you’ve been to other Pokémon Centers in Japan, you’ll notice they each have their own stylized Pikachu mascot. The one in Kyoto, for example, has a truly regal Pika decked out in a traditional Japanese kimono. In Shibuya, Pikachu comes rocking two new styles.

One has our favorite electric-type Pokémon covered from head to tail in graffiti. The other style has Pikachu sporting a baseball cap and a can of spray paint ready to tag up more of his buddies. This Pikachu has had enough of his red-capped trainer and is officially sticking it to the man, street artist style.

Pokemon Center Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan.

Photo by: Peter Austin The graffiti artist formerly known as Pikachu.

The store has an awesome Pokémon x Super Mario mashup with classic 8-bit Pokémon models used to create larger 8-bit Super Mario characters on a whole line of t-shirts and bags. The reverse mashup is next door in the Nintendo Store! Go ahead and catch them both. After that, you may as well continue your nerdom pilgrimage over to the Capcom Store. They’re all located in the new Shibuya Parco, which has a whole floor dedicated to otaku culture.

If you just happen to have a ton of extra cash to burn, check out the sparkly and (extremely) expensive Pikachu decked out head to toe in Swarovski crystals. This glorious Pikachu is the crown jewel of a whole Swarovski Pokémon collection. It can be yours for the low, low price of ¥300,000.

Pokemon Center Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan.

Photo by: Peter Austin The most expensive Pokeball on the planet.

To match the dazzling Pikachu, level up your Poké fashion game with a bedazzled keychain or phone case. For the serious Pokémon card players, there are leather and crystal deck cases. Which one will you choose?

Aside from the exclusive merch, the store stocks all the usual Pokémon goods, with trading cards, plates, socks, bags and so much more. If you can imagine a Pokémon on it you can probably find it here.

Feeling hungry after all that shopping? Head over to the Pokémon Cafe for even more Pika cuteness.

Things To Know

Opening hours

10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

How To Get There


15-1 Udagawachō, Shibuya City, Tōkyō-to 150-8377, Japan

By train

The Shibuya Parco shopping complex is a five-minute walk from Shibuya Station. The Pokémon Center is up on the sixth floor in the Cyberspace Shibuya area.

Where To Stay

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  • 4/5 (78 reviews)
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The OneFive Tokyo Shibuya
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  • ¥12,870 - ¥20,520
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Sequence Miyashita Park
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Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu
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Shibuya Creston Hotel
  • 10-8 Kamiyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0047 Japan
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