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Oki Islands Beaches

Beach week, anyone?

The Oki Islands have a rich culture that is not just confined to the island chain’s natural beauty. But with mountains, red cliffs and sea kayaking, the islands offer so much that its numerous beaches are like the icing on the cake.

Out of more than 100 islands, it’s inhabited locations are Dogo, Nishinoshima, Nakanoshima and Chiburijima. On these islands are breath-taking beaches that are just a boat or plane ride away. Here are a few beaches to visit.

Sotohama Beach


The largest of the Oki Islands has a few highlights for those destination beach bums out there. Also known as Okinoshima, it offers incredible swimming, snorkeling, diving and sea kayaking. Popular beaches include Shiohama Beach, Dogo’s largest sandy beach, Fukuura Beach, Kasuganohama Beach, and Nakamura Beach, which is surrounded by pine trees.


On Nakanoshima, also known as Ama, Rainbow Beach is a sandy beach within walking distance of Hishiura Port. Further away from the port is the Akiya Coast, where you will find a red, volcanic outcrop with a heart-shaped hole naturally hewn in the rock. You can swim, fish and camp on Akiya Beach. Furoya Beach is another popular location frequented by the locals.


Mimiura Beach

Although famous for its breathtaking Kuniga coastline, Nishinoshima also has great beaches. Sotohama is the island’s only sandy beach, with a clear, wide bay for swimming and snorkeling.

Mimiura is another popular beach destination on the island. In spite of its pebble-strewn beach, it’s the perfect place to camp, snorkel and kayak. To get to Mimiura, you have to drive inland through some dense pine forest and then you’ll see the ocean peeking through the top of the trees.

Although not an official swimming beach, Kuniga Beach is great for snorkeling and diving.


Considered the smallest of the four main Oki islands, Chiburijima or Chibu, is noted for Watatsu Beach and Nagao Beach.

(Note: An earlier version of this article is seen in Savvy Tokyo, a partner publication of GaijinPot Travel.)

How To Get There


Japan, 〒685-0021 Shimane-ken, Oki-gun, Okinoshima-chō, Misakimachi, 隠岐の島町岬町岬1889‐12 Oki Airport (OKI)

By plane

Flights are available with JAL, ANA and SKJ. The ANA and SKJ flights go from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Yonago Airport in Tottori Prefecture. From here, take a taxi or bus to Shichirui Port (or taxi, bus or train to Sakaiminato Port) where high-speed and slower ferries go to both Dozen and Dogo areas of the Oki Islands. The JAL flights go to Oki Airport on Dogo via Osaka (Itami Airport) and Izumo (Izumo Airport). Ferries from any one of the four Oki ports takes visitors back to Shichirui Port or Sakaiminato Port.

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