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Ninja Village Hizen Yumekaido

Become a Ninja!

Have you ever dreamt of being  a ninja? At the ninja theme park located in Ureshino, in Saga Prefecture, you can do just that. At Hizen Yumekaido you can dress up as an ancient Japanese warrior and meet samurai, princesses, feudal lords and other ninja.

Once inside the park, you’ll feel like you are in the Edo period, surrounded by medieval buildings and many characters.

While at the park you can hone your ninja skills by joining a shuriken (ninja stars) throwing class, or by trying your hand at firing darts through a bamboo pipe. You can also learn more about the lives of  ninjas during feudal Japan, as the staff will guide you through the recreated ninja homes inside the village.

On the streets you will find authentic performers such as puppeteers, grease salesmen  and fortune tellers who want to share their trade and entertain you.

Attention all film buffs

Hizen Yumekaido recreates the Edo atmosphere so well   that it’s used as filming location for famous TV dramas, such as “Winter’s Sonata.” For any film buffs who are interested in seeing how it all comes together: if you come on the right day you can actually see the dramas being filmed.

For those who are just happy to watch instead of taking part themselves, do not miss out the ninja shows, which are a popular attraction. The performances showcase ninja acrobatics and  include storytelling about  famous Japanese characters like Mito Komon. Activities such as ninja puppetry and ninja arts are also suitable for children.

When you get tired and need a break, try porcelain painting, where you can make a handmade plate or tea mug, then personalize it with your very own ninja clan seal.

Photo by: Hara-hat Ureshino Onsen in Saga

The park is a great day out for Ninja fans of all ages, and it is located in a beautiful area with a truly traditional feel. After a fun day being a Ninja you can explore the authentic town of Ureshino, and its traditional restaurants, or relax at the local onsen.

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Things To Know

Fees and hours

For adults, entrance ticket is ¥1,600 yen, for students ¥1,000 and for children ¥500. The village is open everyday, from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒843-0302 Saga-ken, Ureshino-shi, Ureshinomachi Ōaza Shimono, Kō−716−1, 肥前夢街道

By train

Take the JR Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shintosu station (5 hours) then take the Kamon 17 Limited Express for Nagasaki and get off HIzen-Kashima station (30 minutes).

By car

About an 13-hour drive from Tokyo station. Drive south west to Kyushu, through to Saga Prefecture, take the Nagasaki Express Way and exit at Ureshino.

Where To Stay

  • Ureshinomachi Oaza Shimojuku Otsu 730-5 Ureshino-Shi, Saga 843-0301
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  • Shimojyuku Ureshinomachi 738 Ureshino-Shi, Saga 843-0301
  • 8.2/10
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Onyado Takasago
  • Ureshino-machi Shimojyukuotsu 730 Ureshino-Shi, Saga 843-0301
  • 8.9/10
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Kotobuki Global Inn
  • Ureshinomachi, Shimojuku, Otsu 817 Ureshino-Shi, Saga 843-0301
  • 7.8/10
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