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Momochi Seaside Park

Park life.

Quietly tucked away in the suburbs, the Momochi Seaside Park offers a perfect seaside oasis away from fast-paced Fukuoka city.

With quaint restaurants lining an expanse of sky-blue waters and golden sand, it’s no wonder that the park usually finds itself in good company, especially during the warmer months. Families and couples flock here to enjoy meals on the patio and to play beach volleyball. The park is also legendary among expat locals for its summer night parties.

As Fukuoka is not well-known when it comes to its beaches, Momochihama Beach attracts people from all over the prefecture. What also makes it stand out from its counterparts is the fact that it’s manmade, and therefore pristinely beautiful. Stretching 2.5 kilometres long, it offers fantastic views of Hakata Bay.

A view of Momochi Seaside waterfront in Fukuoka.

Momochi Seaside Park makes up the city’s modern waterfront, developed in the late 1980s. Photo by Stevo.

For those who tire of lounging in the sun, there’s a shopping complex located at the centre of the beach called Marizon where you can browse the variety of stores the area has to offer. There is also a stunning wedding hall on the premises.

Since it’s located a short distance away from the Fukuoka Tower, why not combine a visit to the beach by going 123 metres up and treating yourself to a spectacular panoramic view of the city? If you’re interested in learning more about marine life, visiting an amusement park, or viewing seasonal flowers, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is only a short 20-minute ferry ride from Marizon.

Also conveniently situated near the park are the Yahoo! Dome, the Fukuoka City Public Library, and the Fukuoka City Museum.

Things To Know


Parking is available for up to 310 cars. ¥300 yen for 2 hours and an additional ¥100 yen per every 30 minutes after that. It’s ¥1000 yen for the entire day.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒814-0001 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Sawara-ku, Momochihama, 2 Chome, 福岡都市高速環状線

By train

Head to either Tojinmachi or Nishijin subway station from where it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to reach the park on foot.

By bus

From Hakata Station or Tenjin Station, take the Nishitetsu Bus bound for Fukuoka Tower and get off at the Fukuoka Tower Minamiguchi bus stop.

Where To Stay

The Residential Suites Fukuoka
  • 1-3-70 Momochihama, Fukuokashisawara-ku, Fukuoka, 814-0001 Japan
  • ¥12,000 - ¥100,000
  • 4.14/5 (4,820 reviews)
  • 0.5 km
Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk
  • 2-2-3 Hirutonfukuokashi-Ho-Ku, Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-8650 Japan
  • ¥26,603 - ¥437,326
  • 3.67/5 (4,470 reviews)
  • 0.7 km
Hotel New Gaea Domemae
  • 1-4-6 Jigyo, Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0064 Japan
  • ¥8,000 - ¥33,800
  • 4.29/5 (413 reviews)
  • 1.5 km
Heiwadai Hotel 5
  • 1-4-2 Imagawa, Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0054 Japan
  • ¥5,320 - ¥58,500
  • 3.67/5 (865 reviews)
  • 1.5 km
One's Hotel Fukuoka
  • 1-3-3 Imagawa, Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0054 Japan
  • ¥5,600 - ¥28,400
  • 4.03/5 (162 reviews)
  • 1.6 km

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