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Photo By: PIXTA/ミポリン&Y
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Miyako Botanic Garden

Immerse yourself in tropical flowers and fruit at Miyako Botanic Garden!

By Elizabeth Sok

With strong international ties, Miyako Botanic Garden brings flora from across the globe to Miyazaki Prefecture in this expansive green space. For a primer in local and global flowers and fruits, come check out the garden for a tour around the tropical world.

Taking a Stroll

Miyako Botanic Garden

Photo by: PIXTA/ミポリン&Y A wide array of flowers greet you as you enter the garden.

Greeting visitors on the northern side is the Main Gate which reflects the close bond between Miyako and its sister garden, Singapore Botanic Garden. Formed in 1965, this friendship is reflected throughout the site from its flora to the Merlion replica sitting in the Glasshouse. Organized in a circular layout, Miyako has plenty of attractions and photo spots to enjoy. For a tug at the heartstrings, pay a visit to “Kizuna-no-ki,” two fig trees that have grown intertwined and has come to represent love. Stop by the Event Square to see Jacaranda, a South African plant rare in Japan that blooms purple flowers around June. Along with the African tulip tree and Delonix regia in the Glasshouse, Jacaranda is considered to be one of the top three flowering trees in the world.

Exotic Flowers

Miyako Botanic Garden

Photo by: PIXTA/ ミポリン&Y Explore the different levels of the Glasshouse.

Sitting near the South Gate, the Glasshouse is a 20x20m greenhouse with a 14m ceiling that accommodates about 1,600 plants. This space has two storeys, so visitors can appreciate the tropical flowers from ground level and up above. The two biggest highlights are the African tulip tree with orange and crimson flowers and Delonix regia, a native of Madagascar with orange and red flowers bursting forth in the summer. Also be sure to check out the lovely tropical hydrangeas, also hailing from Madagascar, that flower in a vibrant pink from November to January. And don’t miss the jade vines from the Philippines which bloom long claw-shaped turquoise flowers.

Tropical Fruits

Miyako Botanic Garden

Photo by: PIXTA/ Shunya Spot over 50 types of fruits.

Located near the West Gate, the Tropical Fruit Glasshouse was first opened in 1977 and redesigned in 2018. This site offers visitors a chance to explore over 26 types of tropical fruits arranged around a circular path. Housed inside this greenhouse are as many as 53 varieties of fruits, including typical ones found in Miyazaki prefecture as well as more exotic ones originating from farther afield. For example, while you’ve picked up bananas and pineapples plenty of times at your local supermarket, you may not have ever seen so many varieties. This greenhouse also displays unusual-looking fruit trees such as the Brazilian grape tree, which bears purplish-black fruit directly on its trunk, or longan, whose fruit resembles the eye of a dragon.

Things To Know


The garden is open every day from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. However the glasshouse is closed on Tuesdays and the tropical fruit glasshouse is closed on Wednesdays.

Admission is free.

How To Get There


By train

From Miyazaki station, take a train on the Nichinan Line for 30 minutes and get off at Aoshima station. Walk 10 minutes to the garden.

By bus

 From Miyako City, take a bus bound for Aoshima/Nichinan and get off at the Aoshima bus stop.

By car

Take National Road 220 for Nichinan/Aoshima and floor the signs for the Prefectural Road 377 exit.

Where To Stay

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