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Photo By: Cara Lam
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Lovers Point in Niigata

Declare your undying love — or just enjoy the view.

Make your way up the cliff to where thousands of couples have declared their love.

Within the scenic countryside of Niigata Prefecture lies Lovers Point, a heart-studded attraction in Kashiwazaki. Located on a dramatic cliff, the spot gives you an epic view of the Sea of Japan below — and a sunset if you’re lucky. Lovers Point, or Koibito Misaki in Japanese, and spots like it, are popular around Japan, but few offer such a boundless view over the Fukura Coast.

The story behind Lovers’ Point revolves around a love-sick woman who drowned on one of her nightly risky travels from Sado Island to meet her lover in Kashiwazaki. He, in turn, took his own life. Now, couples praying for undying love come to Lovers’ Point to secure a successful marriage. But, on a lighter note, you can also come just for a cute tourist spot.

Which historical island is nearby?

Sado Island in Niigata
It is said that your love will last forever if you attach a padlock on the fence. As a result, it has become a popular dating spot. Couples from Guam, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, America — to name a few — have come to symbolically “secure” their love.


After locking your love up, and then ringing the overhanging “love bells,” take a stroll in Yoneyama-Fukura-Hakkei Prefectural Natural Park, where grass is groomed with heart shapes. Then, grab some original sweet potato gelato and peach cider in the souvenir shop. To indulge in fresh local seafood, either walk or drive back down to the Nihonkai Fisherman’s Cape, a famous local fish market. Stop by the Seaport and Musician Doll museums in the vicinity, too, if you are a fan of antiques. The nearby Hotel Seaport even has outdoor baths to soak in with the evening’s sunset colors.

Other local landmarks include the 3,255-foot-tall Mount Yoneyama and Yoneyama Ohashi bridge. With or without a significant other, this picturesque Lovers’ Point and surrounding area is a memorable way to let the chains of love surround you.

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Sado Island in Niigata

What historical island is near by?

Sado Island, of course! https://travel.gaijinpot.com/sado-island/


Things To Know


Nihonkai Fisherman’s Cape is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, but Lovers’ Point is open 24 hours a day.

About the Location

The spot might be a little difficult to find in English, so searching this location’s name in Japanese (恋人岬) might be necessary.

How To Get There


133 Oumigawa, Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata-ken 949-3661, Japan

By train

Option 1 is to take the Shinetsu Main Line to JR Omigawa Station in Kashiwazaki then walk 20 minutes to Nihonkai Fisherman’s Cape; option 2 is to get off at Kashiwazaki Station and hop on a 15-minute taxi ride.     

By car

The Nihonkai Fisherman’s Cape is located right on the non-toll route 8, or 1 minute away from the Yoneyama Interchange on Hokuriku Expressway. Plenty of parking available.

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