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Photo By: Eiji Masuda
Largest City

Lake Motosuko

Anyone who has ever paid for something with a ¥1,000 bill should be familiar with this lake’s view of Mount Fuji.

Motosuko is located in the most western point  of the Fuji Five Lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture. Though not as much of an active tourist hub as Kawaguchiko, this lake is famous for holding the view of Mount Fuji depicted on the back of the ¥1,000 bill.

Other highlights include hiking, camping, wind-surfing, the local dish of venison curry, and a lake cruise aboard a submarine-shaped boat with windows that allow you to see underwater. A nearby resort is the site of the Fuji Shibazakura Festival.

If you have a ¥1,000 bill with you, you can take it out and compare the scene on the back with the sight of Mount Fuji from Koanso.

Around the Lake

The biggest draw for Motosuko is a spot called Koanso on the lake’s northwestern  shore. The view across the water is the same as the one shown on the banknote.

Water sports are popular on Motosuko and there are lakeside campgrounds available. On the lake’s eastern shore, there is also a dock with a boat that looks like an image from a Beatles album cover.

The yellow submarine Moguran’s name means “does not submerge.” It is a pleasure cruiser with underwater windows that tours the lake at 45-minute intervals.


Photo by: Nao Iizuka The yellow submarine Moguran.

Across the street from the lake, you will find a restaurant called Matsuzake that serves venison curry. This dish is popular in the Motosuko and Lake Shojiko area. Two minutes away from the restaurant on foot is the Lake Motosuko Tourist Information Center. This is the last stop on the Blue Line Sightseeing Bus from Kawaguchiko station. The ride back takes 50 minutes.

Hiking to Lake Shojiko

Motosuko shares the same 900-meter surface elevation as Lake Shojiko and Lake Saiko because these three lakes were once a single body of water. Over a thousand years ago, lava from Mount Fuji separated the lakes, which are still connected by underground waterways.

Panorama Dai

Photo by: Joshua Meyer View from Panorama Dai.

From the Tourist Information Center road, you can hike up and over to Lake Shojiko. Along the way, you will encounter the Panorama Dai Lookout, which holds a stunning, wide-open view of Mount Fuji.

How To Get There


Japan, 〒409-3104 Yamanashi-ken, Minamikoma-gun, Minobu-chō, Nakanokura, 県道709号線

By bus

Take the Blue Line Omni or Retro Bus from Kawaguchiko station. A  ¥1,500 two-day ticket will allow you to hop on and off the Blue/Green/Red Lines an unlimited number of times. This facilitates easy access to some of the other interesting points that are spread out along the winding bus loops between Kawaguchiko and Motosuko.

Lake Motosuko is only two hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo. You can ride the direct highway bus which leaves from Shinjuku station and goes straight to the lake. The fare costs ¥2200.

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