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Photo By: © Akita Prefecture/©JNTO
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Kuroyu Onsen

Ultimate peace of mind plus mixed-gender bathing in this respite of seclusion.

Tucked away deep in the mountains of northern Japan is Kuroyu Onsen, a secluded hot spring area that’s surrounded by unwavering stillness.

Its location in Towada Hachimantai National Park makes it perfect for adventurers. While Kuroyu is in Akita Prefecture, the park itself rests on an expansive area of forests, mountains and hot springs that encompasses parts of Aomori, Akita, and Iwate prefectures.

Kuroyu Onsen is actually one of seven hot springs of Nyuto Onsen, a remote location which rests above Lake Tazawa, the deepest in Japan and a major attraction in this area of Akita.

Tsuru-no-yu is part of the Nyuto Onsen area.

Photo by: photozou Tsuru-no-yu is part of the Nyuto Onsen area.

These hot springs have been in operation since the Edo Period, and even today visitors come from all over Japan to relax in natural waters.

Mixed-gender onsen

Hot springs in Japan are usually separated by gender, but what makes Kuroyu stand out from other onsen (hot spring) is that it has a mixed-gender open-air bath (kon yoku rotenburo).

In Japan, these types of onsen baths have an image of being frequented by rural grandmas and grandpas, but they remain an attractive choice for families and couples. This is a Japanese tradition that is fast dying out, so visitors should take the opportunity to experience it while they can.

The hot spring water of Kuroyu has a cloudy-blue appearance because it’s rich in minerals and is said to have healing effects for the body. Visitors will find serenity in the surroundings: the rustling of leaves, chirping of birds and the burbling of the nearby boiling source of the hot spring.

Know before you go

For accommodation, traditional inns dot the picturesque valley, but you can certainly visit this or other hot springs in the area, as several of them are open to guests even if you’re not staying overnight.

If you’re looking to enjoy fall foliage, you have until November to make a trip to this scenic spot as some locations close in winter and re-open in April of the following year. (Other onsen in the area are open in winter, though.)

Kuroyu onsen hot springs Akita

The area is beautiful in autumn but some locations in Kuroyu Onsen close in winter.

Nearby natural attractions in spring and summer include hiking to the summits of Mount Nyuto and Mount Komagatake where a variety of flowers bloom from June to September. There’s also a trek through a tunnel-like birch tree forest and a leisurely walk through Karafuki Wetlands, located about 20 minutes away from Nyuto Onsen on foot.

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Akita City

Akita City

Home of the awe-inspiring Kanto Matsuri, the compact city of Akita is packed with museums, shrines, parks and panoramic views.


How To Get There


Kuroyuzawa-2-1 Tazawako Obonai, Senboku-shi, Akita-ken 014-1201, Japan

By train

From Tokyo Station, take the JR Akita Shinkansen about three hours to Tazawako Station.

By bus

Nyuto Onsen is a 50-minute bus ride away from Tawazako Station.


By plane

If you travel by domestic flight, the nearest airport is Akita Airport, located 14 km southeast of Akita Station in Akita City.

Where To Stay

Kamenoi Hotel Tazawako
  • 2-32 Tazawako Obonai, Semboku-shi, Akita, 014-1201 Japan
  • ¥7,581 - ¥78,584
  • 3.88/5 (913 reviews)
  • 4.1 km
Tazawako Lake Resort & Onsen
  • 82-117 Tazawako Obonai, Semboku-shi, Akita, 014-1201 Japan
  • ¥11,151 - ¥93,512
  • 4.13/5 (1,511 reviews)
  • 9.3 km

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