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Photo By: Ise Shima Everglades

Glamping in Japan

Glamping culture is alive and well here.

Glamping aka “glamorous camping” fits Japan like a pair of butler’s gloves. After all, Japan excels in hospitality and attention to detail from perfectly made beds to thoughtful touches like campfire marshmallows. It’s time to live your most luxurious life and glamp it up!

Glamping is the gateway to enjoying Japan’s nature hassle-free. Japan is dotted with glamping spots at iconic locations across the country, riding this worldwide travel trend. It offers catered, customized experiences for those seeking a coming together of the great outdoors and luxury. Gourmet meals eaten al fresco are enhanced by the natural environment, like the scents and sounds of the forest or sea. Some retreats also include casual camp areas for the more budget-conscious.

Glamaping in Japan is really in a league of its own. So much so that we have updated this article, which was previously from 2017.

Even since then, there are more and more glamping spots popping up around Japan that offer amazing views and the comfort of Japan’s omotenashi, or high-level hospitality.

Glamping Spots

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