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Photo By: Petr Meissner

10 Mountains To Hike (That Aren’t Fuji)

Big or small, they each hold their own natural wonders.

Aug. 11 is a Japanese holiday for the sole purpose of giving people time to cozy up to Japan’s mountains. That’s how deep the mountain culture is here.

Of course, there’s Mt. Fuji, but to only have climbed Fuji during your time in Japan is a shame. Hundreds of other peaks (more than 350!) provide drop-dead gorgeous views, are more accessible and are located just around the corner from wherever you are — no matter what prefecture you’re in.

Here are a just a few of what Japan has to offer. Even if you don’t have time to hike them, feel free to just bask in the view.

Mount Shibutsu

Mount Kurama

Mount Aso

Mount Misen

Mount Bandai

Mount Inasa

Mount Tsurumi

Mount Daisen

Mount Yoneyama

Mount Koya

Now, go forth and climb your way through Japan’s beauty!